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Will only be a dream?

Throughout the years Ning it’s always the best. I appreciate Ning 3.0 but I adore Ning 2.0. Creating new networks with NING 2.0 will only be a dream?
Have you ever thought that many creators would be extremely happy to create new networks with the Ning 2.0 platform? I think that being able to choose would be a very good development. At the same time each creator would be able to create more networks. I believe that out there many people love Ning 2.0.

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  • This reply was deleted.
    • You seriously don't know what you're missing out on. You're right. Ning was originally built on 1.0 websites, before it changed in 2007 to the 2.0 model. The 1.0 model started in 2004 originally was code you could install on your own server, and connect it to the Ning database. In other words, allowing you to make your own php modifications. It was quite basic, and only offered a blog among other things. But when Ning disabled source code edits entirely, 2.0 was born. This made some initial creators unhappy, realizing the platform would become less customizable, but in return, we received what 2.0 is today.

      Fast forward 6 years and Ning 3.0 is born. Unlike 2.0, Ning 3 networks were created to market a cause within the age of responsive and very buggy software. Which is still the case to this day. It's original feature set from 2013 - 2016 was just blogs, discussions, members and photos. a far cry from what 2.0 was considered, an upgrade once network created on or after March 11 2013 were automatically converted to 3.0. Given the chance I'd jump back to 2.0 without looking back. there's nothing on 3.0 I'd rather have. It is as you say, engagement is key. But it's not just that. It's ease of use. Sure, Ning 2.0 includes flash player for some features. The music player, badges, video and photos uploads are proof of this. But we never had any issues with flash back in the day. It originally came with a flash chat, which although basic, worked just fine until it was replaced with the html5 version you see in 2011. It's primary development actually didn't start until 2010, when Ning went from free to paid. That change caused sadly, many networks to go offline even after the transition and initial agreements were made to entice people to stay. To a certain extent, Ning isn't as customizable as say Social Engine or Dolphin, but it's pretty close to it in one way or another. Ning 2.0 is the pinnacle of all that Ning has offered. Having seen the platform transition many times, the best will remain the best because of the professional developers working on keeping it the best. this was back in Gina Bianchini's time. Before Ning was bought out by Glam Media, then known as Mode Media.

      Yes I share your dream.Building on 2.0 would be a great step forward for Ning, even if it's a step backwards to even select it as an option, classic Ning, with the existing pricing plans structure in tact.

  • Hi there!

    So far we have no plans to restore the ability to create new networks on 2.0 platform. Basically, because the would be almost no chance to update something there as the code and the methods used are pretty old, and the lack of the updates would bring the platform to the stagnation and destruction.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • 3.0 is horrible

      • Hi Gerard,

        Would you mind specifying what exactly is "horrible" on 3.0 so I could pass your feedback to the management? Maybe you have some suggestions how the platform could be improved? Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us, as any feedback is valuable for the platform development process.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.

      • 3.00 is fantastic. 

        Used it for years now and delighted with the recent developments. 

        Ning 3.00 is a very powerful and versatile tool.

      • Some good features but a lot of bugs! So frustrating!

This reply was deleted.

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