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NC for Hire

In the infinite pursuit of making a little money with our networks, the know-how for creating rotating ads and banners is ever-present. I figured I would help you all out a little bit and point you towards some rotating banner scripts and image rotators for you to implement on your networks as I am on my network for land surveyors. I hope you enjoy these. If you use one, please stop back by and drop a screenshot in the comments below and show us how it turned out.
Simple Banner Rotator

[DEMO HERE] This free JavaScript supports an unlimited number of banners, the ability to refresh (change) the ads every n milliseconds, where n is an interval you set, as well as the facility to specify a banner or set of banners for rotation at a particular location, or have them rotate randomly. You can set an expiry date for a banner as well, where a particular banner is removed from display after a certain date. Different sets of banners can also be assigned to different parts of your web page, and the script is able to avoid displaying the same banner in different spots on the same page. You can set the sizes of the banners (overriding the default size for the banner), cause the links for each banner to open either in the same window/tab or a new browser window/tab, etc. The script is released under the GNU General Public License, which means that it's open source.

Magic Image Rotation

[DEMO HERE] This script rotates your pictures, photos or other types of images along with their associated links (that is, each image can have different target links). The first image that is shown is random, and the subsequent images will be shown in sequence (as far as I can tell). The site's demo uses the script as a sort of photo slideshow.

ESPBanner Script

[DEMO HERE] This banner rotation script will automatically switch the advertisements displayed on your site while your page is being displayed. It can handle Flash, images and other types of banners, and allows you to display two or more banners on the same page.

Free Banner Rotator with Caption

[DEMO HERE]This banner rotator will display your banners, which may be either images or Flash files, together with their captions.

Random Image Ad

With this java script you can put random image ad or rotate banner ads randomly. Just put source and link to your images in array and this script will do the rest.

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  • NC for Hire

    My pleasure... glad it helps you out!

  • I find all these confusing in that one needs to know what to do with a xxx.js file. Each of them do not explain to a layman (pick me!) the step-by-step necessary to add these rotators to the banner ad space provided by Ning. I found each of them with code that is for a regular HTML page where you dictate where the banner ad is located vs. the space Ning provides. Therefore, there trying to figure out now to place the code into the banner ad space is near impossible for neophytes like me.

    I did find however, via Adrianne on another Creators' page: this is quite easy for the layman to learn and actually be successful!

    The biggest drawback is that this banner ad rotator code does not allow for timed changes, the banners only change upon several page refreshes. 

    If anyone has easier-to-use code that includes being able to change the banner ad without refreshing the page, please do share :)

  • Looks great, but I can't get it to work. I'm trying to use it in the side bar. I've put the main code in the custom code area between the <script> tags and then the small code snippet where I want the ads to appear.

  • For the "Magic" rotator...What is my entry for fist parameter where we should set html page? I do not have any page names on my network. How do you define your first parameter? please help

  • Thanks a lot, this is really great. I appreciate you helping fellow creators who needs some push in advertising their sites like me
  • Great info.Thanks!
  • We're happy with this very simple banner rotator (javascript). Please contact me if you need the script.


  • Thanks for this - looks very useful.
  • AWESOME site you have there, very impressive!!  Thanks for the info!
  • @Visalink - I would imagine you'd add to the html section in the text-box.


    @JFarrow - thanks for the info!

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