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What do you do when Google stops your ads?


If you have ever been on YouTube which if you're into websites then you have, you may have been checking out making money with Google Adsense or you want to be a YoutTube partner.  You more than likely came across someone that got booted from Adsense.  It makes you think.  Could this happen to me?


How Google determines invalid clicks:


Scenario 1

So you're doing great and things start to take off perfectly.  People are visiting your website and clicking your ads.  1 click, 3 click, and before you know it you're getting 100 clicks a day.  People are enjoying your website and then there comes the one person who hates your site.  It's going to happen, not everyone agrees with what you have to say or what you're selling.  So they're sitting there with nothing to do but build their hate toward you and your site and it hits them.  "I know what I can do!!", click, click, click, click.  It's called being click bombed.  They click your ads over and over and Google de-activiates your account to protect their advertisers.  If you put all of your eggs in one basket you're going to be hurting really quick!   You can try to get it reversed but not many people do.  If they do it takes days.


Scenario 2

You're using a network that allows ads to be placed on your site and BOOM! your ads stop showing up.  I've had it happen.  Sure, they're going to fix it but it's going to take a few days and you really need the money coming in from your traffic.


Well, there is an alternative.  It's called AdBrite.  AdBrite is very similiar to Google Adsense and the great thing is if other people join under your account you can earn additional revenue on what they earn for several months.  

The main difference with AdBrite is you choose categories for ads to show on your site instead of Google controlling what shows up.  Your members can also click below the ad and choose to advertise on your site directly according to their plan.  


What AdBrite does is they allow their advertisers to choose the sites they post their ads on and they can search for your site and match their budget to the amount of traffic they are trying to get.  When you are the advertiser you can see the average page view, impressions, and unique visitors the site gets.  This is a great way to get loyal advertising to your network/website.


If you're doing this internet marketing thing to make money you will want to have a few options and pick which ones work best for you.  


More info and links to what I talk about are on my network.

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  • Solo,

    Thanks for the comment.  I want to start by saying that I do really mainly use Google Adsense more than AdBrite.  It's a good back up ( I currently have 1 adbrite on my main page).  The one thing that I havn't tried is the section where you can put ads in images.  Not sure I want to yet.  I want my content to still remain direct.  Maybe in the future.  


    I did re-review their rules and you are allowed to have more than 1 ad per page.  It's very simliar to Google.  They do say that you can't have the same ads next to each other or have two leaderboards etc....  Below is a copy from their website:  


    Below was copied 5/30/2011, Visit their site for any possible updates: Publisher Acceptable Use Policy

    Excessive Zones or Keywords:

    To ensure a quality experience for advertisers and site visitors, adBrite does not allow excessive placement of zones on a page or excessive unrelated keywords in the zone description.

    • You may place a total of six zones per page, with no more than three of any one zone type listed below:
      • Leaderboard zone type: 468x60 or 728x90
      • Skyscraper zone type: 120x600 or 160x600
      • Rectangular zone type: 300x250
      • Custom Flexible zone type
        • EX: You cannot have two 468x60 zones and two 728x90 zones because both sizes are considered leaderboard zone types.
    • You may not place the same zone multiple times on one page. You need to create unique zones.
    • You may not place multiple zones at the footer of the page.
    • You may not place multiple zones in close proximity to one another or in a manner where the banner competes visually with other zones. This includes, but is not limited to, zones placed one on top of the other or side by side.
    • adBrite reserves the right to disable zones if they severely degrade advertising effectiveness or create a "spammy" look-and-feel even if the site is within the six zone limit. The majority of the space on the site should not consist of only ads.
    • You may not have excessive or irrelevant keywords within a zone's site description.


  • i like Adbrite but i believe and i might be mistaken..but Adbrite only allows you to only post 1 ad per they wont allow you to post three ads on the home page..might be wrong..i had used them before i went to Google
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