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Fellow NCs,

Once a month we do an export of our members and import them into our CRM database. We do this for two reasons:
  1. So we have a back up our members locally.
  2. We run queries against donations made by email and name (we are a non-profit), and based on profile questions answer, invite members to groups and events that might be of interest.
Here's is how to export your members:
  1. Log into your network as either the Network Creator or a user with Administrator rights.
  2. Go the Manage tab and under "Manage your members" section click on Members button.
  3. On the bottom right hand side of the members page click on Export All Member Data (.CSV)
Depending on the size of your membership you either be prompted to..
  • "Click OK to start the export. If you have a lot of members, the process might take a few minutes.",
Or, if you have lots of members you'll get a message that says..
  • "Click OK to start the export. We'll send you an email with instructions for downloading the data as soon as it's ready."
Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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  • NC for Hire

    or how to pull member profile photos into the CSV file

  • Is there a way to prevent the Admins from having access to this?

    Is there a workaround maybe where you create a new role and only give them most Admin rights?



  • Help ! I have a different problem. I only have a bit over a hundred members so export goes as planned and then I'm asked to click "OK" to save to my desktop. However when I click "OK," the window closes but nothing is saved.
  • Our Like2Link Ning app depends on the member export facility and currently works well with the existing export link. Our network is rapidly approaching 500 members when I understand the export link switches to being sent via email. Very concerned by the responses to this post, highlighting potential issues.

    Does anyone have any update on this, hopefully all the problems have been resolved.

    Thanks, Ken
  • same issue here. Not receiving any csv file from ning. Its only been 24 hours . . fingers crossed it works when I eventually receive it!
  • Hello, I am pleased to see this post.

    My member CSV file download feature has not been working properly since February. I have tried and tried to get help from NING and some people have answered but its not working. At one point, I was given a special URL to click on, that does produce a CSV file, but its shows my most recent new member back dated to February.

    Its clear to me Im not getting the most updated CSV file. Its clear to me my csv file system is not working. Would someone please look into the csv file issue at Burp your servers, clean your cache, I dont know what you need to do, but as a premium service paying client that is not whinning about "freemium" going away, would you please fix this service.

    We rely on our CSV files quite a bit for email marketing campaigns and other activities.
  • Hello, I am the creator of We too, rely heavily on our member CSV files for dumping into a Constant Contact newsletter system and supporting social media platforms like Facebook to increase our footprint and viral marketing efforts... and other promotional initiatives, etc...

    Im pleased to see this post because I am really struggling with this! At one time, a long time ago, I was able to do the workflow described above and it worked fine, however for the last 3-4 months (FAR TOO LONG!)... my CSV file pull is NOT working! I have gone back and forth with some ning support people who have good intensions and its not working!

    At one point I was given a speical URL to click on, well that does work... but its giving me a CSV file that has my most recent new member dated in February of 2010... its clear to me, Im not getting my current, most accurate CSV file. Its clear to me that the system is not working for my account.

    Would someone look into this and please fix the membership, CSV file download feature on! I am also paying for premium service... Im not one of these whining "no freemium" types. Im happy to pay for a service, but I want to get the service!

    you can email me at:
  • I am with Barry, I received the option of where to export it which doesn't include the areas I prefer it to go and then if I want to export it to another site which states it is Ning friendly the website states it is not a correct link. I am helping some sites move their Ning sites to Free ones and it doesn't seem to want to upload on the sites.
    Another thing is I would much prefer the option of transferred just the names and emails as the whole shebang is massive and to filter through all 1200 of my members just for their emails and names is silly. Just saying ;)
  • If Ning cares could they explain why my exported csv file is 0 bytes??
  • Is there a way to export all the members names & their email address' but not the info on why they joined? When I did this it included their profile info also. Is their also a way to do this in alphabetical order?
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