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  • You much purchase it through your domain provider.  It's best suited to those who sell merchandise through their website however if you use PayPal, there's third-party security so you're not required to have it.

    Speak to your domain provider for further details.  Good luck!

  • Kos and I have disagreed on this before, but I want to clarify my stance:

    Yes, you can purchase the security certificate from your domain provider. The base certificate does not give you HTTPS- it only tells the browsers that your site is legit and that you own it. To get HTTPS, there must be end-to-end encryption. In other words, any data sent to or from the website from/to the user must be encrypted, and then decoded on the other side. Your domain provider does not manage the back end of the site- Ning does. Ergo, you cannot encrypt because Ning does not have that capability (unless they've added it in the past few months). You can go to your domain provider and pay all you want, but you'll never be able to implement it and get the HTTPS address unless Ning upgrades. 

    I'd love for ThisIsBully to pop on here to clarify, as they were in the prior discussion and said they paid for HTTPS through their provider... they still do not have HTTPS as of now, and they said they paid in October of 2016... That, you can check out for yourself: 

    No error or security warning: ;

    Security warning:

    If it was just a matter of paying the domain provider, the HTTPS link would work. It doesn't because Ning lacks the technology.

    My two cents anyway, but this has been discussed at length and HTTPS is a no-go on Ning.

    Your connection is not secure . . .
    Why am I seeing this error message when I try to log into my network? If this is happening to me, of course it is happening to my members and on a FR…
  • NC for Hire

    This should be TOP PRIORITY for Ning

  • Just Asking - you know, you're truly right.  When I think a/b encryption from one end to the other - yes, Ning HAS to get involved.  Otherwise it's just begging to be hacked, isn't it.

    Kyryl you need to get management moving on this.  Truly.  Make it #1 on your priority list.

    • Hi there!

      As I have mentioned before, along with the development of the new features the tech team is also working under the implemention of the https into the networks based on our platform.

      Unfortunately it's not an easy process as we have to make sure that all the files and the info would be avaliable after the implemention of the https.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Any update on the timeline. This is becoming real painful for our members.

        • Hi there!

          Sorry but we don't have the specific estimate when the https would be implemented completely.

          We do apologies for any inconveniences.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

          • Keeping this thread alive as https is very important for us. Is there a timeline or should I start looking at alternatives like Social Engine to move my community there.

            For people, who have moved their community on other platforms, how was your experience? Any specific issues that you encountered?

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