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A Google-friendly website used to mean a website built so Google could scrape it properly and rank it accordingly.

The reason for the post was basically about Google treating different types of sites, differently (!) - just because they are a certain type of site and the apparent wide-spread ignorance of this.

Here are a few things which you need to know before planning any Ning Network, a bit of the knowledge of these things will help you to do the basic SEO stuffs by yourself only:

Description/Meta Descriptions:
I would recommend creating unique descriptions when you create/write description for your ning network in the "General Settings" panel, as this field will be displayed by search engines in search engine result page, if they find it blank they might display anything for this, which might not be liked by your potential audience, and thus might force your visitors to visit your network.

Choosing the Right Keywords to Optimize in the "General Settings" panel :
For instance, If you have a Ning Network about dogs, do NOT try and optimize for the keyword "dog" or "dogs". Instead you could try and focus on keywords like "dog obedience training", "small dog breeds", "homemade dog food", "dog food recipes" etc. Success for very popular one-two word keywords is very difficult and often not worth the trouble, it's best to focus on less competitive highly specific keywords.

Site Name/Meta Title:
Meta tags give search engines more information about a web page. This is implicit information, meaning that it’s not visible to visitors of the web page itself.

Don't add too much of javascript codes:
When a browser encounters a script element during the parsing of a page's HTML the following happens:
The browser pauses processing of the HTML.
The browser initiates an instance of its JavaScript interpreter.
The JavaScript interpreter compiles the JavaScript and adds it to the current page's global JavaScript pool.
The browser continues parsing the HTML, repeating 2. and 3. as many times as there are script elements in the HTML.
So, having multiple script elements will slow down rendering of the page. The fewer script elements present in the HTML the faster the page will render.

If you would like to share some more about SEO and stuff, your input is most welcome here.

If you are looking for someone to re-design your ning site, or any kind of ning help, feel free to contact me via my email id

All the best


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  • Some great basic tips, and better yet-  well explained and easily understood.  Thanks Bernard!   :)

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    • NC for Hire

      The search engine spider (robot, web crawler) reads the content in the order that it is inserted into the page.

      keyword is single keyword search query and keyword phrase is combination of keywords and keyword phrase has less competition as compared to keyword and keyword helps for getting relevant traffic for your sites.

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