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Broadcast Message Best Practices

Good Policy Practices When Sending Broadcast Messages

Don't Send Too Many Broadcast Messages:
Be careful not to flood your members with Broadcast Messages. This could cause them to opt out of receiving broadcast emails from your Ning Network.

Include Valuable Content:
Always be sure to include valuable content within your Broadcast message. For example, let's say you're broadcasting a new feature. This, in and of itself, is good content. However, if you have a need to broadcast news about a particular new Group, that may not be interesting to all members, add a little something extra that will appeal to everyone. This will encourage your members to visit your Ning Network.

Keep Your Message Short & Sweet:
I like Garfield's suggestion. Use bullet points in your message, with links to pertinent and valuable forums, for the actual content. This is a great way to keep the reader's attention, and get them to your site for more information.

Let Your Members Know You Appreciate Them:
Try to add one statement to every broadcast message, thanking your members for being a part of the Network. Let them know, without them, there wouldn't be a Social Network.

Check for Errors:
Double-check your content for spelling, correct grammar, and complete sentences. These type of errors can really make you and your Network look unprofessional.

Keep It Professional, But Not Cold:
Never make your broadcast messages personal, as-in, emotional, accusatory or negative. This type of message can really turn members off. Do add a little human feeling - - we'll call it professional warmth. ;-)

Send Yourself a Preview:
Always send yourself a preview, before you send to all members. This isa nice built-in feature, you'll find at the bottom of the broadcastwindow.

Have fun utilizing this great feature. Think it through, and know that your message will be well-received. Try to space your messages appropriately.

If you would like to add your lessons learned, and ideas about "what makes a good broadcast message", please do.

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  • NC for Hire
    Great tips and some that make me cringe in recognition when I realize how I sometimes don't follow them. I love communicating more frequently especially if there is new things to share. However, one thing I have made a mandatory rule regarding broadcast messages for at least one group (and hopefully more) is:

    Don't write a broadcast messages in a broadcast message.
    I write my broadcast messages as a forum entry in a group called News and Updates. One of the maxims I made up is people don't want to read a newsletter in the body of an email. They want to read emails in their email. So I start out with a cherry greeting and list about 2 to 4 one sentence attention/curiosity grabbing bullet points that become highlights of the "Forum message". I then just provide a link to the forum entry via a link at then end.

    I let them know it is completely up to them if the bullets interest them enough to want to check out the post with more details or if not have a great day and thank you for their time. The email is very short and gives them the option to find out more only if they want to. Here are some of the advantages.

    1) The email is short. This a key thing not to be overlooked.
    2) The forum allows me complete control over formatting to the point of including pics, slideshows, video, and/or poll.
    3) People can comment on the forum entry and respond to possible comments of other users.
    4) New members have an archive of some possibly useful information that is not orphaned in the mailboxes of members. It also provides a history of group growth that they and I can refer to.
    5) I also add a huge RSS image link to the forum in the text box of the group so members can subscribe by RSS and automatically get updates.
    6) I can proofread it all I want and even updated after the fact if I need to.

    After doing it it is like getting high speed. I can't go back to dial-up. The peace of mind I have at looking at the broadcast message so short and to the point is refreshing.
    • NC for Hire
      Thanks Garfield, good tips.

      I especially like your point about sending them to the forum.
      :-) Jen
      • Lot of email providers cut html in emails so I wouldn't use many pics, videos, slideshows
        • NC for Hire
          Yes, that is why in the email I do simple text bullet points and add a link back to the network where they can view the forum entry in all its glory on a web browser.
        • Good Call - we try to be short & sweet in ours here, with links to various types of content!

    • Super idea!! I have always had new info in the broadcast message but always wondered how to get the info to new members. By having a a Network forum and a Member forum I can do that by putting the messages in the network forum. Then all I have to do is send a broadcast message so the old heads will see it and include a notation in the welcome message to check out the network forum.
    • Great idea, Garfield. Question: What site do you do this for? Can you give us a link to check out one of these forums?
    • NC for Hire
      Great question! It will be interesting to hear all the different thoughts on your question. I think every 2 weeks. I do think there are cases though, where every week is appropriate.
  • Great points Jen - thanks!

    Below is a copy of the message I sent on Jan 8. That day we saw our traffic doubled!

    The key for us has been highlighting member content - and driving traffic, which drives engagement.

    Happy January Neighbors,

    Yeah, it's cold outside and kinda grey, but sunny and warm here at Neighbors for Neighbors Jamaica Plain!

    There is a ton of awesomeness happening:


    Salmugundi, VeeVee, and Station 8 are hosting a free "Three Ring Social" with raffle proceeds going to the family of Surendra Dangol -
    Erin is organizing Neighborhood Walks so we can keep each other safe:-
    Raph has asked everyone to clear their sidewalks so neighbors in wheel chairs can get buy -
    Karen and the JP Foodies are fooding it up -
    Rick needs your help to find Julie the Puppy a new home -
    Rebecca wants to start a dance coop -
    Su is looking to share the cost of a car -
    Brent invites you to the new show at the Hallway -
    Chad is helping to collect clothing goods for kids -
    Craig&Caroline want to start an Article Reading Group -
    Captain Greland reports some arrests have been made -
    Will asks - are you paying more than your share of Boston property taxes? -


    Please take a minute to join your Neighborhood Zone Group to communicate about happenings in your immediate neighborhood -
    Invite your JP friends and neighbors to join us -


    Become a Zone Group Monitor -
    Become a Zone Community Advocate -
    Please financially support us -


    Blogs -
    Events -
    Forums -
    Photos -
    Videos -
    Groups -

    Joseph Porcelli - 857-222-4420 - - -
    • Sorry about the crappy looking formatting. It looked much better when I sent it.
This reply was deleted.

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