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Mobile Usage Trends

They're doing it everywhere.  In the laundromat, while eating, on the bus and at work.  Everyone's on their phone so what's the trend in mobile usage you ask?  Here you go!

Oh and how fast your page loads............does matter. Visual from this Citrix article.

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  • OMG those "Fun" Facts... 

    Anyone who uses their smartphone while on a date, a job interview, and on the toilet....well it's no wonder they're curling up with a cell phone for company at night..   =8-*    lololol

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      • Nothing is private anymore; at least not in the U.S.  Go to a restaurant, everyone's on their phone.  Go to a sports event; yep phones everywhere.  Even in the grocery store!  I've taken a snapshot of hair coloring on sale and zipped it to my daughter.  *lol*  I find it interesting people are playing less games and on social media more.  Ning had that right.  That's where the focus is shifting.

  • We do need to keep our perspective however- for example, the above graphic is only data about how people use their smartphones.  It doesn't include usage data from other devices, for example people doing stuff online at their work computers.  That's a big chunk of users.  Most of the grownup people I know hate watching videos, writing, or doing chat on phones- they prefer to do all that on larger screens.  Young people texting and twitting and taking selfies in the bathroom undoubtedly represent a large percentage of all mobile usage now, but just speaking for my own situation...they are not really my own network's member demographic.    ;)

    I always find it interesting to see how Ning is profiled in

    Seems that majority of ning visitors are young females checking in from their school location. ...Looking for that touch of "glam", perhaps?    lolol

    • After reading through these fun facts he is what I sit here thinking about:

      The mobile versions of our Ning networks don't have the following:

      * Chat (Modern mobile social chat now includes, type chat, audio chat, video chat,)

      * Videos (We can't view nor share videos on our mobile networks, not to talk of uploading them.)

      * Music

      * How can we serve ads to the mobile users of our networks?

      * How fast does the mobile version of our Ning network load?

      And lastly, does Ning 3.0 tackle these problems???

      Thanks for sharing these statistics

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