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Hi there,,


  If I'm going to reward my members for uploading photos, I need to have a limete of uplods a day. So they can not upload 100 photos at once. Downloading the score as already suggested is not the solution. lower the points as sugest do not solved the problem. And chage the points later will not be fair with those who get few points. As it was ppossible tod limit points in the past I think could be some thing nice and fast to do.


Hope to get good news back from you.

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  • Hi there!

    As I remember this suggestion has been already made several times, I mean to make it possible to limit daily photo upload, however so far management hasn't made any decision regarding this, when I hear something I'll let you know what is the official answer.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

  • Wow, if members are allowed to upload like 100 photos per day (whether they get any 'point's for that or no points at all), it could bump a network up into a higher priced ning tier payment plan, based on the amount of content stored on ning server.  Site owners really need to be able to set limits for those kinds of content uploads by members.

    • Hi Tom,

      As you are able to set content approval and also you can remove the photos uploaded by the members, so if necessary you can control the amount of the photos uploaded to your network and the storage usage as well.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • This would be a hard solution. We need also some thing to make the pictures small when someone upload. Becouse 90% of the members acess by smartphone and takes to long to load the picture.

        • Hi Fabricio,

          We have the special system that resizing teh pictures depends on the size they should be on the site itself. There are extra codes added to the links to the pictures, so instead of the full-sized picture, it's loading the photo in smaller resolution.

          So the resolution of the original picture doesn't matter at all with such system, however, their amount could increase the loading time as there would be more calls to the server made.

          As an example, here is the link to your avatar on creators with determined size of 96px in both directions, and here is the link to the original picture. If you check those link in the address bar you will see that the difference is only in the code that goes after the link itself (?width=96&height=96&crop=1%3A1).

          Best wishes,

          Ning Team.


          • Hi there,

            It's all ready working? Just to make clear.  :)

            thanks for write back

  • Another good reason to limited potos uploads.


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