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I wanted to ask them why they eliminated the option to share with the post, videos, notes, events, articles with the same members of the Network. In version 2.0 it was very useful, now there is only one possibility to spread a message to the members and it is not the same . This affects the dynamics of the Network since the content can not be shared among the members. It is very important that you re-establish this option. In addition, the option to share on Facebook has also been eliminated.

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  • Hi there!

    Regarding the facebook share, you can try to use the tip posted here in order to add facebook share button to the posts. Regarding the option to share the content to the other network members, unfortunately, I haven't found any information regarding why some of the sharing options have been added and some of them are not as this decision has been made a long time ago by the previous owners of Ning. 
    I wouldn't say that the content cannot be shared among the members, the chat and private messages could be used for this purpose, of course, they are not so convenient as one button but still. Anyway, I'll create the suggestion to add such share options, and when the management would decide whether it should be done or not I'll let you know.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • NC for Hire

      This is pretty much the only feature that I miss from Ning 2.0.   Our communities would be MUCH more active with this feature.. Thanks for looking into this.... ive often wondered how i might reengineer it for 3.0 but seems like it would be much simpler for Ning to implement on their end....

  • It's been two years.............and has anything been done to allow us to "share" to our members?  This was heavily used in 2.0 but is still missing in 3.0.  Come on Ning.  Help!  Not everyone is on Facebook and Twitter.  We really need to share to ALL MEMBERS

    • btw I realize we can use "Broadcast message" to send something to all members, but it was just SO perfect to simply "click" when on an article and share.  Now with broadcast message, you have to copy, click to exit, go to Site Manager, click to Members............etc.  What a pain!

  • I really really want the ability to Share a POST with All Members or with ALL friends or any of the networks- there is a great Share Box on 2.0 I am lost without it-on this 3.0 - now I have to copy and paste every post I want to share to the message broadcast--- My site relies on my news blasts... Yikes please tell me you can fix this!???

  • I converted from 2.0 to 3.0 yesterday and this was the first thing I noticed that was missing!

    A quick way to SHARE a post to all members is essential as not everyone spends all day on the network and rely on their email alerts when good content is posted.

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