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Does anyone know how to turn off N3 from Google seeing it? 

Ever since Ning duplicated my N2 site to change to an N3 my keyword rankings have TANKED! 

It just accord to me that I now have duplicate content. The N3 site still needs a lot of work to get it to speed like my N2 site it duplicated. Meanwhile I believe Google is seeing 2 sites of the same content. 

Also, does anyone know if all the N2 SEO will flow into the new N3 version? I put in a ticket but Ning is not getting back to me about this. 

I need help and fast! 

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  • You could try putting

    <meta name="googlebot" content="noindex">

    in your

    <Head> Code

    box at yoursite/main/admin/tracking

    as suggested here:

    I'm not sure about N2 SEO flowing to N3 after you upgrade.


    Block Search Indexing with 'noindex' | Google Search Central
    A noindex tag can block Google from indexing a page so that it won't appear in Search results. Learn how to implement noindex tags with this guide.
    • Thanks TJ @ jQueryHelp 

      I put it in my N3 site as you suggested. I'll just have to wait and see if it helps. 

      Anyone else know if their old N2 SEO flowed to their upgraded N3 site? 

      I noticed after conversion all the language set up in the Language Editor didn't convert. 48 pages of work, rrrr! This is why I don't feel the SEO converted over. 

  • NC for Hire

    If your 2.0 was http://   and your 3.0 is https://    that is the problem....  my 2.0 had 55k indexed pages and it took a year for my 3.0 to get that back.   Went from 55k to  36 (thirty six) pages indexed.....

    • Actually my 2.0 was https://. I had Ning convert it over a year ago. 

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