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NC for Hire

I was finding the placement of the About/Join box inside groups to be difficult for members to find if they were new to the community.   So I decided to move mine above the banner box with a single line of code added to the Custom Code Bottom section.  Simply add the following code and your About/Join module will move to the top on all groups.




I find that group pages with a About/Join section which shows ONLY TO NONMEMBERS is best because it disappears after they Follow the Group.


Let me know if you have any questions and if you need help with your community, by all means reach out to me.  Happy to help!

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  • Nice little tip there JF :-)

    • NC for Hire

      thanks bud... good to see you!   Are you gonna start a community? looking forward to some tips..!

      • Yes just opened a new one up seeing as going to be stuck at home for the next 12 weeks. Will pop some info at a later stage when adding some tips etc but for now the site is

        Bizz :-)

        jr-images is a social network
        • NC for Hire

          sweet!  be sure to send me an invite when you open!  nice to see you back Bizz!

          • Yep will do, just recoded a bit of my activity for getting videos to play in the feed as noticed ning have changed a few bits. Working now though :-)

            • Hello Bizz. Nice tip . di you post the video tip in creators ?  i wish to test in my network if do you mind.

  • I would like to move only the button to enter the group, my groups have very long descriptions and putting the block above the banner is a nuisance, so if I would like the button to join the group to be above.

    People write on the group wall without joining the group ... I don't like this.

    • Where exactly would you like the button to be ? Also there may be a way to stop non group members writing on the group wall so will take a look and see whar can come up with.


      • I would like the button at the top of the block not at the bottom. And if the button is centered much better.


        • This will move the button for you

          Add this to your custom code > end of page in your Social Site Builder

          // Move group join button
          x$(document).ready(function() {
          x$('.section-aboutGroup .buttonGroup').insertBefore('.aboutGroupSection .entry-content');

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