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I've had members report to me that they can't approve or delete comments nor can they see the text editor at times. I was told everything was okay on the site, and that if members encountered the problem that they clear cache (which worked on some and not on others). Is there any other way to fix this? Primarily for the text editor issue. 

We've also been trying to find an answer as to why we don't have the option to have moderate groups (through ning live support) when we have the options to moderate the blogs, forums, events, and how many photos a member can upload per day. We have a Ning Plus, which I vaguely remember having that option. Or is that option only on Pro? 

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  • Yes it's available on Pro and Plus. Just go to the feature controls area. It should be there.

  • Go to and you'll see the option to control the groups setting.

    As for the text editor, make sure members are not using ad blocking software on their computer. It interferes with the loading of the text editor in all modern browsers. Especially Ublock origin and adblockplus.

    • That's the issue, it's not there. It has everything I mentioned above besides the group option. 

      Oh okay. I didn't know that, I'll make sure to inform them. 

      • Hi there!

        The option you are looking for will appear in the place mentioned by Elshara only when you have the group module added to the main page through the Features layout. Please add it, make the necessary changes under the content controls and after I suppose you can remove the module from the main page, as the changes you have made should be working even when they are not visible.

        Hope this helps.

        Best regards,

        Ning team.

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