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Slow and Painful 2.0 Death

Hello Creators community!  I know it has been some time since I have been active here, I don't know where things are at with anyone else's Ning 2.0 sites but mine has been stripped since Dec. 1, 2020 and support has been dragging me along saying that they are working on it but nothing is changing and I am getting no updates as to why my Site design was removed.  Last night I got an email saying they were going to close my ticket and mark it as resolved when my site is still naked.  I want to know how on earth an important file like CSS just gets dumped.  It should look like the image below.  Click the link to see what it has looked like for the past two months.  If anyone can tell me any info that would be great.



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    • Sorry to see that you have had the same thing happen to your site.  I guess it just reinforces my thought that Ning is a bad option if you want any control of your content. Would you believe that Ning insisted the problem was on my end?


  • If you can get your hard disk out of your PC you can buy and external hard disk usb dock which you then put your hard disk in and you then can plug it into another pc or laptop. You can then browse for the codes and save them, here is one I use for things like that. Really easy to use and all plug and play.


    Sorry to hear this has happened, it's a shame 2.0 doesn't work like 3.0 as there is a way to recover css files in 3.0, first off there is the history state and also each time you make a change a backup of the css is added to the disk usage section so you can go back and find a previous one.

    With any software company that enable you to add custom code like css there is always the chance you will lose it or it get's corrupted, as a matter of practice I always make backups of all my css and custom code on a regular basis, normally every other day or if making or adding code changes I make a backup before I start and another when I finish and also make another copy on an external drive.

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    • I appreciate the suggestion. While I understand the point you are trying to make about my responsibility to create backups of my work, I had the back up and the computer holding it is gone. I do not have an external hard drive because I do not currently have the resources for one.  I was however paying a company to not just host my content, but to maintain the content.  Since I am not given access to the files it is then Ning's responsibility to perform the back ups of the content that they are contracted to maintain.  If Ning wants to say that they do not have any responsibility of maintaining the files that we and our members have uploaded to our alotted file storage then there is no reason why anyone should pay ning the amount of money they are paying them since they are not perfoming file maintenence or giving clients access to the tools they need to do the task themselves.  It's not a stable, efficient or reliable business model.

      I'll use my Wordpress site as an example.  The company that I pay a small fee to "host" my content doesn't have a responsibility to back up and restore my content.  It does however have a responsibility to maintain the server my content is on.  So if they perform scheduled maintenence and loose a client's contents, they should have made a backup of the server to recover the client's files.  The client should not be responsible for uploading their files every time the Host does maintenence.  I hope that explains my position here.


  • While support denies they're not supporting Ning 2.0 any longer, it's clear that there is no support available for 2.0. I have an open request from over 12 months ago, they recently informed me they would not be fixing the bug (big surprise!). They offered to remove the feature that shows up on the bottom of every members settings page but 2 months later, nothing has been changed. I've reported several bugs recently and there is never any resolution or fix - they just eventually try to close the ticket as (they claim) they are waiting for a response from me.

    Ning 3.0 is not of interest to us.  Support is so bad for 2.0 now I have no desire to continue dealing with Ning. So we're off to find a platform by a software company that gives a s%#!t about it's customers.

    • I agree, if they will treat us like this on 2.0 they will do the same on 3.0.  I use Wordpress as it is a powerful and adaptive platform but I am confortable with maintaining my own site.  I hope you find something you are comfortable with.


    • I'm curious to what is showing up, maybe it's something we could help out on here.

    • I migrated to Ning 3 in hopes to get better support.  It is better, but Ning 3 has some major glitches and they refuse to fix.  I have a thread that documents my battle with Ning on one of those glitches.

      Their most common reply is, we are sorry but that is how the system works.

      I am in the process of looking for an alternative and wordpress is the closest I have found in having the features we need to do what we do.

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  • I am just wondering whether you could use your themes history to retrieve your css like we can on 3.0. If you go to your design area and choose themes > my themes it should have a list of history states for when you make changes, if you click on a previous theme state it should contain your css within that theme. You may have to try a few depending on how old they are try one that is older than when the css vanished from your site.

    • That's not an option for 2.0.  I had the same CSS for 10years.

      • Can you not go here

        8680283261?profile=RESIZE_400xThen click on one of the themes in the list, then click on Advanced which should show the css that was added in that theme then you can copy it out, or just apply that theme with that styling


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