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NC for Hire

This CSS will help make your "Status Update Box" stand out better. If you're a member of JenSocial, you can see it in action here:

These effects are added behind the box, not to the box itself. I wanted to keep it simple and elegant.



  • FIRST, if you used the old tip, access your Advanced CSS via:
  • My Network/Settings/Appearance (Design Studio icon/Advanced)
  • Search for: .status-bar-wrapper .status-bar
  • Either remove this code and start over (new code below). Or, edit this code and replace the full class name .status-bar-wrapper .status-bar with the new class: .xg_status_wrapper. Notice: Quickpost links code is new.
  • Starting over? Edit the code below, customizing the background color for regular and hovered, to suit your customization needs.
  • Edit the code below, customizing your Quickpost link colors to your preferred colors.
  • Add to your Advanced CSS, via My Network/Settings/Appearance
  • Save/Publish.


/* Quickpost Title Color and Font weight, Share */
.quickadd-options-links .list-title {
/* Quickpost Links Color */
.quickadd-options a {

.xg_status_wrapper {
-moz-transition: all 0.1s ease 0s;
background-color: #5BBCDC!important;
/* Border */
border: 3px solid #e6e6e6 !important;
/* Rounded Corners */
border-radius: 12px 12px 12px 12px;
padding: 12px 20px !important;

/* Hovered Background Color */
.xg_status_wrapper:hover {
background-color: #82C7FF!important;




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    • NC for Hire
      LOL, glad you like it Ceddy!
  • Jen,

    What I think would be very cool is if you or another NC talent could make a Status Update box that also shows when not signed-in.

    Have some sort of sign-in or sign-up module that would drop down over it when a visitor clicks into it to write. THEN, when signed in that same fake Status Update box rolls over into the real deal.

    When I was on your site I didn't realize you had a Status Update box until I signed in after seeing your post here.

    • This reply was deleted.
      • NC for Hire
        Sorry to hear that Diane. Wonder what the deal is?
    • NC for Hire

      Hi Scott!

      Nice idea, but don't see it happening. That's one tall order. Maybe TJ will take it on. ;-)

      Best to you,


    • NC for Hire
  • Huh, weird.  I've installed the code and changed the colors to match my site.  The hover effect works but the regular background color is white despite whichever color I put in there.....  Great code though - love it!
    • NC for Hire

      Hi Robert,

      That is odd, because we're already using !important. Wish I knew why.



This reply was deleted.



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