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Is it possible that Profiles on Creators could have the comments module at the top above friends and groups?  Or is there some logic behind where it presently is that I am unaware of..

I just think people will be more willing to leave comments of others if they didn't have to scroll all the way down... 

Anyone else agree?

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  • the way I set up comments is in a tab containment box.

    I found it was most useful if all the profile areas were contained in tabs, so people didn't need to scroll to change their mind about what to view if someone posted something. The good news is, yes comments could be moved. The bad news is, but to where?

    • NC for Hire

      i agree on the use of tabs for the comments... on Creators I think it would be best if Friends and Groups were in tabs and Comments at the top of the sidebar above them...right under cover photo right side

      • You know that's one thing I really never understood. Why do profiles need two photos? a cover and a profile image? We can't even move the position of the cover photo.

        Call me odd but this is how I have my tabs set up on my site.


        I also did random other things with tabs on the main areas of the site. The members page for instance looks like this.


        Similarly, all content pages look the same way. The reason is to feature page content.

        But with profiles, everything a member posts is important. Hence the content itself, is equal. Therefore nothing has to be promoted above anything else. Accept for profile photos. With the bio (profile information) situated as the second tab. The first being the Hello custom HTML box. This way a member can truly make a great first impression.

        Here's an example of this being the case.

        Custom Introduction

        I opted not to put one on my profile because I set up the profile questions so that anyone could add this within their bio if they wanted to. Yet still have other relevant site questions display.

        My issue with creators is that I can't fill out my profile page the way I want to. The most important question, what is your Ning site URL, is private. Nobody can optionally make it visible if they wanted to. If someone wanted it private if it was public, they couldn't make that happen either. This is why I wish creators had the custom html box somewhere. This used to be standard on all Ning 2.0 sites. In case anyone really felt like opening up on a site that's there for them to do so.

        While I'm on the subject of tab containers, my problem is this. Empty tabs display no matter what features it is and it's impossible to hide them if a member hasn't contributed any content in those areas. This is the case on Creators as well, where you can see the blogs tab, even if that member never posted any. The same goes for discussions, especially if the member has replied to discussions, but never started any. You still see it show up, and it's empty.

        • Hi there!

          Regarding the blogs and forums, the regular activity is shown first by the default in order to make others see that this member contributes to the life of the community. If the comments are useful (the ones which are presented in the activity of the member), in such case as teh members you probably would wish to check blogs and forums. And yes, previously it has worked that way, the tab has been hidden if you haven't had any content there, but sometimes it was preventing the profile page from loading that is why the functionality has been changed in order to avoid issues.

          The member's editable HTML box isn't the thing creators need in my opinion since it would be possible to use custom styles to customize your profile page and the design could be different from teh network's one, and as creators is the official forum design should look good on all pages, and the page which doesn't look like other ones could ruin the whole experience when you will be browsing the site. and if you wish to share the link to your network, you can do this in the profile questions related to the description of your network, it's not forbidden.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

  • Hi there!

    Agree, I have reorganized the page a bit so the comments right now at the top, hope the members would will to leave the comments after this, but I'm sure that that option would be more noticeable at the moment. Also, I have put friends and the groups in tab container, as this information isn't that important. Regarding the tab containers, for the whole modules, I don't think that they are so convenient to use as it's really easier to scroll the page and check everything that way instead of the clicks (as I know the number of clicks necessary to reach the certain info or to perform some action is used to calculate the usability of the whole page so it's better to reduce the amount of them if possible, but overall user experience is more important of course so I'm always trying to consider some suggestions made by creators regarding this community).

    Best wishes,

    Ning Team. 

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