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HI Fellow NC's


I would like to know - What have you found is the most effective method or marketing strategy you have used to draw more members to your Network? I know people are talking about affiliate marketing strategies etc, but have you found an effective alternative method?


With so many different social networks like Facebook, Digg, MySpace etc one should actually tap into a different market. Why continue to use these Major's like Facebook to get your Network out there, when they are purely monetizing at your expense.


What are your thoughts, and which methods do you foresee the best, past,present and Future to draw more members to your network.


Would like to know your comments.


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  • hmm me to

  • So, you want to know the most effective method, this is my opinion.
    Spot what is the most common interest of your members in your network. What's the basic element of your network that attracted them to register?
    If you can spot that common interest make a competition that will have direct relation with that element.
    This is just the basic thought, behind this there is work for you. And I mean too many hours and some times stress for you. You have to find how you can make the rules, how you will make the competition reliable, how and from whom and with what criteria the members will be judged. You have to find a price for the winner and I mean a good price because you don't want your members to think that you are trying to fool them. Finally you have to promote that contest in facebook, twitter, google ad words ads or any other place that you think it will work.
    This is the basic idea and is more effective then any other.
    The point is "what you give is what you get" (we live in a material world with people Self-interested) but if you make a competition you will see that is something that demands hours of work for you, and gives the best result for draw new members.


    There is no gold and effortless way for rapid growth

  • Word of mouth is great ..

    Any kind of interviews  you can do to help spread the word about your network

    Twitter and FB

  • Didn't know it was that cheap! Not finished cleaning up my network, but this is good to know since I'll be getting rid of most of my members for new ones soon. Thanks for the tip, Marshall.

  • wow marshall i thought i was the only one on the three dollar a day plan from FB,lol you avr about 10 a day from that ,thast pretty good,i get about 5 to 6 members a day from face book ads.

  • Marshall, if I take you literally: this means that you are betting that on average each new member brings you (10/3) * 365 = $120.45 revenue per year? Because otherwise, you will not break even.


    Not that I am saying that FB advertising is wrong. Just saying that the numbers looks odd.

  • Are you looking for more members or more pageviews? Are you looking to monetize? How?

    Our site has never paid for traffic. We started writing about what we were passionate about and after a few months "influencers" started to spread our content virally. We also found other sites within the same industry where we could seed our work. For example, we have a handful of art + design websites where they allow us to add content and link it back to our site. This sends us traffic, helps us gain exposure, and gives us more authority in the space.

    There are ways to create traffic and gain members for any industry. I've seen people get tons of traffic with education and insurance sites simply because they had great content. The content was either educational, funny, or enlightening.

    Good content will always trump any type of advertisting. It's free and will consistantly produce great results if you have a well-oiled system in place. The most important things are figuring out what people are interested in, making your content easy to consume and really interesting, and knowing which referral sites can help you the most.

  • @ marshall mee too 8)

  • Now this is a shot in the dark, so Ning Board, Fouders and staff dont shoot me for thinking out of the box.


    I have a Ning pro account and that is costing me $49 per month. What if Ning themselves ran a competition for the top 100 networks. Once the 100 is selected Ning themselves will run an advertising campaign on the likes of Facebook etc. If FB ads cost you $3 as per previous post, Ning could take that $3 and rund the ads on your behalf. Or why not run a  press conference putting the word out there to show individuals what can be achieved with Ning and having a Ning account. This way Ning will draw new potential clients to themselves and the top 100 can get exosure through this medium.


    Just a thought....

    • An effective method I have used is as follow. My Network is focussed on young entrepreneurs, seeking funding, posting business plans, seeking inspiration etc. With the high level of unemployment around the globe, what better way to secure yourself a future is to start your on business, such as a Ning network. We have targeted schools for learners grade 10 -12 where they attent workshops at a small fee, assist them in writing their business plans and in the same time assist them with financing, obviously through feasibility. We have started a roadshow, meeting learners from different backgrounds and cultures. We have tapped into a completely secluded market, and this will benefit us as the Company and the individuals seeking assistance.Who knows, the next Bill, Warren,Steve,Sergei,Paul,Oprah, etc may be out there.


      What are your thoughts.

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