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NC for Hire

Hello NCs,

This tip is inspired by Manuel France's request for a clickable background and has been tested in the Design Studio using the Newspress theme.

Tested in Firefox 18.0.2, Chrome Version 24.0.1312.57 m and IE9.

Have you ever wanted to utilise a page wrap advert like the one Empire Magazine had recently?

You might have a sponsor that wants maximum exposure for a week or two, and tied in with the usual banner ads etc, a page wrap can certainly give them that: click on it and it takes you to their page!

I am going to assume that you can design the background image yourself, although I have attached a PSD file to act as a rough guideline for the Newspress theme - pleased don't criticise me for the crudeness of it, every network is different and will require bespoke images.

First off, the script. Put this in your custom code section, making sure to change the

<script type="text/javascript">
x$(document).ready(function() {
x$('.xg_theme #xg_themebody').click(function(event){
if ( this === ) {'');

Now for the css, which you need to put in your Advanced CSS section.

.xg_theme #xg_themebody {
background: url( no-repeat center top;

.xg_theme #xg {
cursor: auto !important;

The CSS above requires you to replace the image url with your own sponsor's background.

I don't have a live demo as this tip is really just a response to the previous thread so if anyone gets it up and running then please post the results.

I have also attached the script and css in a txt file.

Warning: You will see the background image on sign up pages, invite pages and some other areas where it might not look so hot. There are no doubt some css tweaks for this but I'll leave that to others :-)



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  • Awesome tip! Thanks for sharing, SP. I'm sure this will be really useful for NCs that run ads or those who just want to give a big shoutout to sponsors.


    • NC for Hire
      Hadn't contributed anything meaningful in a while so I hope this is of value!
      Thanks for featuring it, Aaron.
  • SP!!! U R THE ONE!!!

    Wonderful job ;-)

    Thank you so much

    • NC for Hire
      You're welcome. All I need now is 10% of your ad wrap revenue. :-)
      • *LOL*  I'd donate.......if I only had a sponsor.  lol  Seriously though, thank you SP

      • As soon as I sold it, I get back to you ;-)

        Normaly next week if everything goes smoothly...

        Thanks again.

        BTW the EMPIRE site is a ning website???

  • And as in the old design code if I can help?

    • NC for Hire

      not sure I follow, limadenoche, have you tried it in the old editor?

      • I've tasted in the old editor does not work, it seems that the code is made ​​to the templates in the new editor.

This reply was deleted.



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