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✆ Let The Web Page Do the Dialing

You may be accustomed to adding telephone numbers to web pages as just static text of digits and dashes, which doesn't offer any sort of real interaction to your members or visitors. Yet,with more and more people using the internet on their mobile devices it's high time to change your telephone numbers to true clickable areas to call the number directly from your mobile phone. We can do this with a little HTML5 Magic.

On your phone if you want to call a number of a web page you would have to copy and paste the number into your phone to dial it.

With this new features you can make telephone numbers links to dial just like you can with emails.

To allow your visitors to directly email you from a web page you place a link on the page and use the mailto: in the href.

HTML5 Code:

<a href="">Example Email</a>

Once clicked this link will open up your default mail client and create a new email with the to address populated with the email address is the href.  Boom!  Now that was easy!

To make telephone number clickable and to call the number from the link you use the tel: attribute with the number you want to dial.  For example:

HTML5 Code:

<p>Call Me now, call <a href="tel:01234567890">01234 567 890</a></p>

☎ Result:

Call Me now, call 01234 567 890

You can Also Do this with Skype

To make the link open skype to make the call then you need to change the tel attribute to callto:.

HTML5 Code:

<p>Call Me now, call <a href="callto:01234567890">01234 567 890</a></p>


Call Me now, call 01234 567 890

Community managers should be easy to reach, so I hope this tip will help get community communication on the up and up! You can see something similar on my profile on Creators and on my website.   Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

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  • NC for Hire

    Great idea!

    • I really want to see this kind of contact information in a tab container. Email is this, phone is this, it would be a modern way to access just how you would like to reach your contacts easier.

      • NC for Hire

        If you mean inside the members profile pages, that shouldn't be so difficult to accomplish.. i'll think on it..

      • NC for Hire
        Elshara, That's coming in the next design studio update that we are beta testing for Ning at present.
This reply was deleted.



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