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All CSS styling codes on this profile, were added using the profile text box.

The CSS HTML is now added with a button just click the "add CSS code" button in the upper left-hand corner of the editor. You must be in HTML mode for the button to add the CSS HTML.

When your members add or modify the CSS in the text box and hit save it updates automatically.
If your members remove any CSS it is necessary to refresh the page to apply the removal of the CSS.


<!-- Members textbox add CSS v5 part 1 -->
<!-- Custom code head code box -->
<style>input.button.addcss, .GC_CSS {display:none;}</style>


<!-- Members textbox add CSS v5 part 2 -->
<!-- Custom code End of Page Code box -->
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Your members can use HTML mode to add their CSS or if they want to use visual mode in the text editor to keep their css codes separated and easy to find and manage.



Helpful hint for Google Chrome users in visual mode.

First paste your CSS as plaintext into visual mode, highlight and copy the CSS now you can paste it into the CSS divide and save. See image below.


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    • It looks like Ning is having problems with their text boxes :-( I can't even save plain text in the textbox. Once they get that glitch fixed. I'll look into this more, I presume it's still working.

      The animated images in this discussion aren't even working, what's going on Ning???

      I hope you're having a wonderful day, Aurora. :-)

      • .gif images are working!! look at my profile image!!!

  • Actually the text boxes are a mess, I'm facing the same problem on my network, I hope they fix this as soon as possible, so we can follow :)

    • Hello Aurora

      It appears the profile text boxes are working correctly now, and yes so is this tip. :-)

      Part one of the code goes in your custom code head code box.
      Part two goes in your custom code End of page code box.

      You have a great day. :-)

  • Updated Aug 21, 2017

  • Thanks for updating your code George :-) Excellent !!

  • If they are able to put the CSS code in that block on their profile would they be able to change the background on their own profile?

    • Yes they'll be able to add backgrounds and any other CSS styles they so wish to their profile. :-)

      You have a wonderful day Matthew.

      • Can you do it for me? i have no idea what to do. 

        • I'd be more than happy to help. :-) Send me a message with a link to your network.

This reply was deleted.

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