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With the advent of 3.0, I have been adding an arsenal of new web tools to my collection. I'll start the conversation with a Chrome web app.

Tool: Dimension for Chrome for Testing Responsive Design

One of those tools I've found useful lately is Dimension.  Dimension is a really nice Google Chrome extension for testing your responsive design without having to resize the browser window. It comes with ruler showing the viewport size, a draggable handle to resize the viewport size, and Preview Mode to simulate the design in various device type.


Have you found any new tools to be especially useful for designing your 3.0 site? please share with us below.

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  • For some reason, it's not showing in my browser. It is enabled.

  • NC for Hire

    How to Test Responsive Design Websites

    The best part about responsive websites is that you test the design in your desktop browser itself without requiring any mobile emulators. For example, the iPhone is 480×320 pixels in landscape mode and if you resize your web browser to that exact size, you’ll get a good idea of how your website looks like on the actual device.

    Then there are tools available that will help you test your responsive design across all popular screen resolutions (or devices) from one place.

    • – You can use this tool to quickly test your site layout against standard screen widths (or breakpoints). The source code is available on Github and you can thus expand it as per your requirements.
    • – This is my favorite tool for two reasons – it supports a much larger number of screen resolutions (including TVs) and second, Screenfly sends proper user agent strings while requesting web pages for different devices. Thus you get the best of both worlds (see notes).
    • – Another nicely-done tool to help you understand how your responsive site will look on the most popular devices in various orientations. It can replicate the iPhone, iPad, Kindle and Android smartphones.

    screen resolution

    [*] Some websites – like or – use the Same Origin policy for the X-Frame-Options header and thus, in simple English, they cannot be embedded inside an IFRAME. However, you can still use Screenfly to test their designs as this tool sends the fetch request behind a proxy server and doesn’t just render pages inside simple IFRAMEs.

  • I just came across Gridset. Might come in handy, and I've also been playing with dynamic Iframes to get rid of height problems / responsiveness.

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