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Activity feed update

Based on your feedback, we’ve changed the way how newly added content items display in the activity feed.

This applies primarily to blog posts, forum discussions, articles, events, polls, and videos.

 So what’s changed?


When the user posts

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NING Webinars Are Back!

After a series of webinars held in 2019, we decided to keep the good tradition of gathering network creators online and discussing relevant matters. It’s a great way of bonding, isn’t it? Plus, you get to know a lot of useful things that might help y

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What’s new on NING?

The new year is approaching, and we are busy working on new updates to make sure that NING enters 2020 with as many new features as possible. This time, we have three awesome updates for you. Here’s a brief overview of each.


1. ‘Add content’ button

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Introduce yourself to web design

No doubt, having fantastic content on your website is priceless. But that alone is not enough to hit it big. An eye-pleasing design is as important as great content as long as you want your site to perform at its best. 

As always, we want our network

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