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I can't really say it better: "National High Five Day falls on the third Thursday of April
each year, which falls this year on April 15, 2010. "

That's right! Tomorrow is the Day to Celebrate high fives, by indeed, giving out high fives as much as possible. We're going to be offering virtual high fives here on Creators, to all of you who contribute positively to the conversations here.

Have you thought about celebrating this on your Ning Network? To help, here are a few high five graphics:

Check out more content (including videos!) at the National High Five Day website.

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  • Where does that link go?
  • NC for Hire
    And yes, Laura does ROCK!
  • NC for Hire
    I actually suspect it was a sad coincidence.
  • NC for Hire
    Show some freaking respect. Laura is the #1 Contributor on Creators. Have you all missed the irony of her post? If you knew you were going to get fired the next day wouldn't you post something like this the day before? Don't you notice the question mark in the title?

    Laura's got more balls that some guys over there at Ning. Don't get it twisted. Realize this: the #1 contributor to creators is FIRED! She no longer participates here anymore. All her hard work on our behalf and Ning's behalf is rewarded with a "permanent vacation"

    I freaking love this post and you will see her irony appreciated over at this post. A high 5 is what we will be paying for premium networks most likely. Laura Rocks!
  • NC for Hire
    Hi Breeze,
    For goodness sakes. You sure owe Laura an apology. Laura was one of the Ning Team Members who got hit with the layoff. She created this post before any of these announcements were made.
  • Please don't blame Laura... Yes she went with all the rest. Actually the day they announced this was "High Five Day"... Thanks for the "high five", Ning!
  • Management at Ning needs to come in here and do community triage. This post is one of the posts that need to go immediately.
  • Laura must have posted this the day before everything happened because I believe she was fired the next day along with numerous other Ning employees. She was always very helpful and offered many great suggestions for our networks. I agree this post should now be deleted because not many Network Creators are in a high fiv'n mood and many of us already miss Laura.
  • Seriously Laura you have excelled yourself in stupidity with that post. People like our network that has 7500 members make no money off it and are their for support - are going to have to shut and you put out a post about HighfiveS

  • That's the only way to cope with all this.
This reply was deleted.

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