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I am almost done with my website! I just need to finish a couple last pieces on my site...1. I am in need of code for creating a contact form for my contacts page.2. I want to place at the bottom of each page links for contact, about etc and I do not know how to do this. I am presuming it requires code that is placed into custom code section in my dashboard?If anyone can help with these couple of things I would be so appreciative!Thank you!

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  • Hi Jennifer

    Have you thought about maybe just adding some custom pages for the about etc and then just add those as subtabs under your home tab ? This way you can easily add or remove and not have to use any code at all, also this would then have those items available everywhere.

    There is another option for the contact form and it's one I use when I have a member site. There is already a contact form built into your site and the link for it is down at the bottom of your site next to the terms and conditions and it's called ' Report an Issue ' ( Note as an admin you will not see this link ) . This form can be used as also a contact form and the form can be accessed anywhere on your network by using the link url. For instance you could create a tab in your main nav menu by using the add page link option then add the url for the form, so when you click the tab the form opens. Or you could just include the link some where in a page. The url you would need is this

    The Report an Issue text at the bottom of your site and also in the form itself can easily be changed in the language editor, just open the language editor from you dashboard and in the search add Report an Issue and this will give you some box's on the right with those words in, change the text then goto the bottom and save the page. Don't worry you can always go back and change it at anytime, all edits you make are normally highlighted in pink so you can see what you changed in the editor.

    Here is what the form looks like

    Hope that helps

    John :-)

    • Hi John,

      I do have my about page and contact page in the tabs under home tab. And I will definitely look closer at what your saying about the report an issue link down at bottom of form and see if that will work. It sounds like it should. Thank you!
    • John, 

      Thank you so much for this!  

      I've just followed your suggestions and edited on 7H 

      I'd been scratching my head over this for days.



  • Hi there!

    I think John's solution is better, but here is the other option that you have.

    For example, you can google embeddable contact forms find several free ones that you would like most (for example but I'm sure there are better ones) and get the embed code from there.

    After you can paste it into HTML module and you will the contact us form. as usual, they have different settings that could be changed on the side of the contact us form so it would be easy to customize it, but please keep in mind that as usual, the name of the service would appear somewhere on the form (because of this I think John's solution is better). 

    Best regards, 

    Ning Team. 

    A free contact form for your website -
    A contact form for your own website - create your own contact form quickly and easily - with anti-spam protection and, of course, completely free!
    • Thank you Kyryl. I will be working on this, this weekend and will decide what seems best. But I agree that Johns idea seems like a great solution.
      A free contact form for your website -
      A contact form for your own website - create your own contact form quickly and easily - with anti-spam protection and, of course, completely free!
  • Hi Jennifer, I thought this tip I wrote some time ago may help you as I did notice you have a few main navigation tabs with subtabs. This tip will help your members see that those main tabs do indeed have more items in subtabs.

    John :-)

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