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  • Hi there!

    Since the terms and conditions and the sign-up page would be updated in order to comply with the requirements of the GDPR, there will be no need to do anything towards new members of your network as they would be notified about the policies. However in order to make sure that old members are aware of the new policy you can send the broadcast message to the existing users once the terms and conditions have been updated. Also, you can update the terms and conditions of your website, in order to shed some light on how you use the personal data that has been provided to you. I mean something specific like scientific researches, maybe you are sharing their data with some third party organizations for the remuneration etc.

    Best regards,

    Ning team.

  • European networks need to comply to GDPR by either the Privacy Shield or the EU Model Clauses. These are legal requirements. I'm not sure what these protocols entail.

    However, does NING offer network owners such protocol? Can network owners get a coupy of the text used (can you paste a link here?).

    I'd appreciate some guidance here as it is very soon D-Day (25th of May 2018).


    • Hi there!

      We have no intention to join Privacy Shield since it's not obligatory, I'm not sure why have you decide that it's a legal requirement since the Privacy Shield isn't mentioned in the regulation itself and on their site its written that it's not an obligation to join. Moreover, in the GDPR it's written that the data could be transmitted without the adequate decision of the commision itself or without the binding corporate rules

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      Art. 49 GDPR – Derogations for specific situations | General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
      1In the absence of an adequacy decision pursuant to Article 45(3), or of appropriate safeguards pursuant to Article 46, including binding corporate r…
  • NC for Hire

    I tested several Ning sites using this tooland they all seem to have the same issues with GDPR

    Wondering how we might all work with Ning to get these issues in check:

    Change your cookie banners

    A cookie banner with a message such “by using this site, you accept cookies" is not a valid consent with GDPR. Consent must be given with clear affirmative action. Furthermore, it should be specific, unambiguous and easy to understand.

    Focus on data. Not just cookies

    Websites are increasingly relying on other technologies than cookies including redirects, tags and pixels. As users and companies using smartphones and IoT devices, cookies are not an optimal tracking technology. Make sure to have a holistic policy around data that is not centered around cookies.

    Be transparent with the data you track

    Transparency is one of the key principles behind GDPR. Make it easy for users to understand what data you collect, why you collect it and who you share it with.

    Communicate in plain language

    Privacy banners and privacy policies should be easy to read and understand. Text written in a legal jargon will not comply with the principles behind GDPR.

    Log and document consent

    With GDPR, you have to document and be able to proof that a user has provided consent. Make sure to have processes and logging in place that enables you satisfy the regulatory requirements to documentation.

    Enable visitors to withdraw and change consent

    Even after you’ve obtained valid consent, your visitors should be provided with an easy way to change their permissions and consent. It should be as easy to withdraw consent as it is to give it

    Avoid pre-ticked boxes

    GDPR requires a deliberate action to opt in, as opposed to pre-ticked boxes. Silence, inactivity or pre-ticked boxes is not enough to provide consent

    Maintain a Lean Data Management policy

    GDPR introduces the concept of data minimization, which means that you should only use as much data as you need to process a given task. Consider deleting data or plugins you may not be using

    Make sure your data is transferred within listed countries

    If personal data is transferred or stored outside the European Union, the GDPR requires the country or countries to which you are transferring to have adequate data protection. The customer must be informed that their data is being transferred or stored outside of the EU. You can read more about data transfers outside EU here.

    Document your web audit in your privacy policy

    Detail the web audit of your website in your privacy policy page. A significant part of GDPR is to communicate to your users why you are collecting data, what you do with it and with whom you share it.

    Provide the contact details of the data controller in your company

    Make it easy for customers to contact you regarding data issues. Include the identity and contact details of your data controller / data protection officer to ensure that all requests are handled efficiently and without unnecessary delay.

    Make your website GDPR & ePrivacy compliant – SecurePrivacy
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    • Hi there!

      Please be informed that the changes are in the final stage of testing, and would be released shortly. Under the changes, I mean the updated terms and conditions and the sign-up page that would satisfy the principles highlighted in the new regulation.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      Make your website GDPR & ePrivacy compliant – SecurePrivacy
      SecurePrivacy.AI makes your website GDPR and Privacy compliant with our #1 Automated Consent Management Solution. Reduce business risks and increase…
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        • Hi there!

          As I know there would be no changes to the functionality for the owners of 2.0 networks related to the GDPR taking effect.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

          Make your website GDPR & ePrivacy compliant – SecurePrivacy
          SecurePrivacy.AI makes your website GDPR and Privacy compliant with our #1 Automated Consent Management Solution. Reduce business risks and increase…
    • Hi there,

      WOW! I find this very confusing... Are you saying I need everything on your list to my site? Yikes! Where do I begin!? Where do I get a "cookie banner"? I recently received a notification of copyright infringement - I was threatened to a lawsuit to the tune of $150,000. I had to hire an attorney to the tune of $450.00 -- what a learning experience! Do not want anything like that again ever!!!

      Make your website GDPR & ePrivacy compliant – SecurePrivacy
      SecurePrivacy.AI makes your website GDPR and Privacy compliant with our #1 Automated Consent Management Solution. Reduce business risks and increase…
      • Suzie this one's super simple (pop up)


        TIP: A GDPR Compliance Pop-Up for Your Community
        Everyone who runs communities which operate in European countries should update their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to reflect the transparency…
        • Hi There, Thank You! I have a question- JF 's list here-- how much of that do I need- because I do not understand any of it!! and should all of these links be on my site ???


          Ok on that link he says this  The following GDPR compliance popup can be installed after you update your PP and ToS.

           Are mine up to date... it sounds like Ning is going to do it for us? Oh geeze!

          • Hi there!

            According to the clarification of our product manager, if you don't have any specific information related to the GDPR on your network in such case you are getting covered by this article However, I would suggest you update your terms and conditions anyway, but everything from above is not only about the ToS updates etc if you have any questions about any of the paragraphs Justin has posted, please ask I think it's a good idea to discuss this on the forum with the other NCs.

            Best regards,

            Ning Team.

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