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Remove blank spage from blog images

Hi guys can anyone please help me with this and I'm sure its just a simple piece of code but i cant work it out.

When an image is uploaded to my blog via the 'lead image' option, if its not square the image is then placed in the middle leaving space top and bottom and it looks really bad :( I want to remove this blank space so the image sits neatly at the top and then the content just after.

Here is an example of one of the blogs where this is a problem -

and attached is also an image of what i am trying to explain. Please help me.



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  • It should be a simple matter of opening the blog editor, and removing the space. 

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    • Interesting. I'm not having that problem. Most times, I use blogs in the normal manner, and use regular sized images. When I decided to test the Ning 3.0 blog feature, I created a post (similar to the one posted by TECH), adding a collage I created at the top. I don't have the vast expanse of space between image and text body.

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        • You're talking about that camera icon on the right of the editor? I saw that before, but forgot all about it until now. What the heck is a lead photo, and what is its purpose?

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            • Well this is enlightening indeed. 

              Thank you John!

    • Thanks John it works :) but then it does only effect that one article so if someone else does the same thing again i would have to add the code for that article aswell, and so on, end up with loads of code.

      So i did edit and remove the article title from the code and it worked aswell but then it shrank all the other articles that are the correct square size lol

      I could just move the image into the blog post but then on my conduit app the image is displayed twice, but that's another story haha

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