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  • Hello, Suzie!

    We checked your site and it is shown as the secure one at the moment.

    Please, specify whether you are still experiencing this issue.

    Best regards,

    The Ning Team

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  • Hi Suzie!

    Actually, on my end, I experience something similar every so often. It almost seems like my SSL certificate resets itself about every 3 months, give or take, and this is an issue that has me concerned. I have brought it to the attention of at least 3 people from the ning team over the last 11 months or so and they just ignore it like it's not an issue and keep telling me "You're fine, we show you as secure on our end". They can't see it from the point of view of the site owner or the members.

    Usually, I have most pages showing a green lock and showing as secure but all custom made pages show a yellow exclamation, somewhere right in the middle. It still says secure and https on those page but, if you click on the exclamation it gives messages to the member suggesting their private info may be accessible by others if entered into this page or may be able to be viewed by outside parties. It's like this all the time.

    Every 3 months on the dot, the whole site goes to a yellow exclamation on ALL PAGES, claiming that the site is insecure through Firefox, IE, and Google Chrome saying that my certificate is INVALID, EXPIRED, or that it has a ceritifcate but it cannot be verified by ANY browser as legit and to be warned, there still may be issues with privacy for those who access this site, credit card data and personal info may be compromised or seen by outside parties....etc. It usually resets itself in about 5 to 7 days and goes back to what I told you in the first paragraph above.

    Biggest issue I have is that, no matter what it shows or says on my end, every time I invite a new member to join my site, they write me back with concern saying, I followed your URL which has an https at the beginning, I can see a green lock and see that it says your site has SSL but, Firefox, Chrome, and IE are ALL telling me, your site is unsafe, un-secure, and that my personal info and payment info may be comprised or exposed if I sign up and fill out my initial profile details or enter in a credit card to pay for an initial membership package. People get nervous over this and very few follow through. I have lost a lot of potential member sign ups and sales that would've give ning some commission from those sales because they won't fix this issue.

    And, as I can see from their response to you, they've told me the same thing they've told me repeatedly, it's showing as secure, don't worry about it. I've told at least 3 people on the ning team about this and they don't care, my site is still triggering all 3 major browsers to show extreme warning messages of having an expired or invalid SSL certificate to EVERYONE who visits my site, making them worry and not want to sign up. It has lost me business and potential members, several times and they just won't listen to me when I report it. One of the team members actually got really rude with me over this and acted like I WAS THE ONE who misunderstood as if, I had done something wrong. His name was Anthony.

    I know it shows as secure on their end because it looks that way at first on my end too, but again, if you'll click on the "i" inside of the circle, the information logo next to the green lock, it gives details that everyone can see if they click on it that, would make anyone nervous and also, EVERY TIME anyone visits my url, whether they click on a link or type it into their browser manually, they get a huge warning message from all 3 major browsers in big red text warning them that their credit card info and personal info may be exposed or compromised. They need to fix this but they won't. I've tried several times and I continuously get shot down. As long I pay my bill every month, the ning staff doesn't care either way what I ask of them and doesn't care that they have lost me SEVERAL potential new members and monthly paid subscribers.

    Other sites that have SSL, do not have these issues, at all. I seriously think the ning team is comprised of mostly people who speak English as a secondary language because often times, I have to repeat my issues or requests to everyone I speak with, 4 or 5 times over until they understand what I'm asking of them and they just keep telling me what I already know, what I've already tried, what I've already seen 9 other people on this forum say that they TOO have tried, and it never gets resolved. Check your debit card or paypal receipts from your monthly payments, it seems as if ning is outside of the U.S.A. that may be why there is such a huge issue getting them to understand what we're asking for and getting appropriate responses.

    • Hello, Raven.

      Sorry for the delay response.

      We have the system that updates the SSL certificate automatically.

      But, the website can be shown as not secure not only because of the issue with the certificate but also because of the mixed content (links which don't have 'https').

      Please, specify your website's URL and I promise to do by best in order to resolve the issue permanently.

      Best regards,


      Ning Team

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