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NC for Hire

In attempts to change my own attitude, i figured I'd add a quick tip for how to add Pinterest Boards to your Ning 3.0 Network.  What we will be creating is this:

Step 1. Add this code to your Custom Code (End of Page Code)

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Step 2. Create a new Custom Page and call it something like pinterest or boards

Step 3.  Find a board on your pinterest account that you believe will work well for your network and go to THIS PAGE to generate the embed code or just replace the red part of the following code below with your own pinterest board URL.

<a data-pin-do="embedBoard" href=""></a>

Step 4. Click "Add Content" and add an HTML Box to your new page and copy the above code in step 3 to that HTML box and save.  You're Done!


If you'd like to add a Pinterest follow button as well, you do not need to add a second occurance of the Custom Code script, you simply need to add the following code to an HTML box, replacing the red url with your own URL.

<a data-pin-do="buttonFollow" href="">Follow Surveying on Pinterest</a>

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  • Awesome tip, J!

    • NC for Hire

      thanks brother... tired of complaining and reading waves of complaints.. thought I'd add something positive to the community..

      • Ditto! But you normally contribute something positive, you're entitled to rant on occasion. LOL

  • NC for Hire

    and if you are interested in how you can use Pinterest to increase your search engine optimization, here are a few resources..

    3220906?profile=originalThe SEO secret weapon no one is using

    • Shweeeet! Thanks!

    • Great tip! Thank you! :)

      • NC for Hire

        you're welcome Janettee..  hope you find it useful.  By the are you doing these days?

        • I'm doing great, just been busy working a lot. I now have a regular job, my own company... And my husband and I just started up a new venture helping people with computer issues (builds, repairs, etc) and other technology-related issues such as web design, social media, and hopefully iPhone repair soon (we're thinking of getting my brother-in-law in on it, and that's what he does for a living). I'm also starting up my own nonprofit and still do volunteer work in the animal rescue field. Then, of course, there's my network... How about you? :)

  • Could this be added to the new supergroups somehow? I got an idea this morning :)
This reply was deleted.

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