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  • The biggest thing between the old Ning and the new is that the new is a responsive layout so will adjust to the device it's being viewed on where as the old Ning was a fixed width site of about 960px or somewhere there abouts so the old Ning would like fine on screens but would not adjust to fit different devices like phones etc.

    All is available in the design studio so you can actually re-create a ning 2.0 layout quite easily by using the different page layout and page width and also adjusting the size for your header etc. 95% can be accomplished in the design studio and yes we can add css etc to accomplish other things but you should be able to do most of it in the design studio, If you let us know what you are having trouble with with your header I can try and help you to fix that as I presume it's something to do with the image sizing and adjusting as the site is viewed on different screens.

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    absolutamente no ! lo muy importante de 3.0 no es solo el css y el trabajo en Design Studio
  • There is not.
    You can try.
    The background and maybe the color will appear.

    • Not sure what you mean by "The background and maybe the color will appear." ? Let me know what issue you are having with your 3.0 and I can try to help you, if you want a 3.0 to look like  2.0 it can be done as basically a 2.0 layout is a three column layout, the main difference is a 2.0 has just one page where you put all your widgets etc and so you can not do much else with it where as a 3.0 are seperate pages for each thing you want so you can choose different layout for each which makes it more versatile, for instance a forum can be one column, two or three and then you might have a blog where you can have it's layout in a different way, also something you cannot do in a 2.0 is have multuple instances of features. Again let's take a forum, you are not stuck with just one forum you can have many different ones all with different categories etc, same with blogs, videos etc. The only one exception to mutiple instances of features is the groups, so you can only have one groups instance with multiple groups inside.

      • I understood your explanation and thank you, but I referred to Ning 2 ready CSS for Ning 3.
        By mistake a friend made the switch and I checked that only the background and the color appear.

        • With regards to CSS, 3.0 is so much better as easier to add and also no limitation on how much you can add where as 2.0 does have a limit. Yes there are differences in the CSS for 3.0 as it uses a lot of different classes. The best way is to start fresh on the CSS because of this but you will probably find you will use less as the design studio in 3.0 is a lot more comprehensive to get most of it done. Of course you will see a lot of tips etc posted on here with a lot of css but these are mostly because of it's more of a custom thing that's not standard. At the moment 3.0 is being updated in it's css which Ning are not posting about but I have noticed they are doing a lot of work in the background. Also you may see I have added a lot of tips in the past and a lot of those where to add or change things which Ning hadn't done as yet or to improve things but they have added items now which those tips where for.

          3.0 is very flexible for change and you can just about have anything design wise that you want by using the inbuilt tools and also adding your own custom jquery/javascript and css.

          I can always take a look to see what you are trying to do with your css and can either show the css you may need or if the css you are trying to add is needed now or not.


          • Thanks for the explanation, Bizz.
            I logged in yesterday, I didn't see anything around here, except for this topic so I can try to identify myself.
            Thanks again.

            • No worries, just let me know if you need any help or put a new post up of an issue you are having and we can reply in that post

              Bizz 🙂

              • Very kind.
                That's what I came for.
                I don't have my own css code.
                I have many themes with "tidy codes", so to speak.
                My strength is images and not codes.
                If you don't understand me, just say so.
                I explain differently.
                Is there a simple CSS code provided by you?
                Any that you indicate as lighter or more suitable for the network?
                Thank you so much.

                • Not sure what you mean by a simple CSS code for me to provide. It all depends on what you want the css for, it could be just a matter of one or two lines or more complex depending on the project. Yes I do post here with CSS code as you may have seen for tips etc or to help another member change something. There is not a general block of css to provide as everyone ones site is different in thier design.

                  What is it that you want the CSS to do ?

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