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NC for Hire

I hope to only make a simple point here.  I belong to and in many cases admin many Ning networks.  This means I get broadcast messages from MANY ning networks.  Some ning networks I get MANY MANY-far too many- broadcast messages, all with titles like "Exciting News from ..." or "Not To Be Missed..."  over and over and over.  NCs we must remember that sending broadcast messages (not digests) every single day to our members can have the opposite effect from which they were intended.  The truth is, every day  simply can not be exciting in an online community. As such,when you overload your members' email accounts with Exciting Garbage, the community will suffer when the day comes when something exciting and engaging really does actually happen.  Sadly, you have, as a result, blinded your community from reading about anything  fairly unlikely for many to be jumping in until they rediscover you on their own.

I love good news as much as the next guy, and I am pleased when we as creators reach milestones, but if you feel like you have to remind me every single time a new page is added, it kinda takes the fun out of returning on my own accord and discovering (what i hoped for) something i didn't expect, thus appreciate- something new. Real members can remind you of pages you had forgotten all about.  They don't need to be reminded of what's new because they SAW IT ON THE SITE while you were building broadcast templates.  Ask yourself this:

Am I a broadcast news reporter on a news program about the latest news related to the News Channel?


Am I simply a facilitator of a precious type of communication, potentially shared and hopefully engaged with by an uncountable number of people sharing a common interest- people you will most likely never meet face to face. People who exist on the internet.

Take it from me- Your Network is Not ALWAYS Exciting.  I truly wish it was.  As it turns out, we can't all be 50 Cent.  I learned it the hard way back in 2008-9.  My gift to you...

Gonna blow your mind here

I send broadcast messages at a maximum of 2 per MONTH.  Granted, this may be more for other niches, but if you are sending out broadcast messages more than once per week and on special occasions, you are KILLING your engagement.  Those who are doing this know who they are.  Please exercise discretion when sending out that next "Holy Shit Look At How Exciting My Network is Today" messages, because I no longer read them and my guess is your members do not either.

Love you guys...let's sharpen up!

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    • NC for Hire
      I migrated to constant contact recently, so easy in comparison. Plus, you know which emails are bouncing and who is opening etc.
  • send broadcast messages at a maximum of 2 per MONTH.  Granted, this may be more for other niches, but if you are sending out broadcast messages more than once per week and on special occasions, you are KILLING your engagement

    Agreed! If I receive more than 4 in a month I unsubscribe as it becomes such an annoyance!

    • agreed. LinkedIn pisses me right off.

      • +1 Linked in network update emails are very annoying I almost feel like writing them and complaining because they are so frequent, every day in fact.

        • Something we call can agree on. 

  • NC for Hire

    thanks man...glad you agree

  • NC for Hire


  • NC for Hire


  • Well spoken. I never send out broadcast messages as a rule of thumb, I simply send out check out emails to specific friends who may be interested in such content. I learned that the most active networks happen by member engagement, specifically content ending with an open ended question for members to respond to. I do not go out to bling anyone and hit the same old crap you can find anywhere that is meaningless and generally does not explain anything.

    If members need anything they know they can always ask an admin, for that is why they exist, to help out and moderate site events. Those who blindly try to put ego first before allowing breathing room as far as email messages goes, well you find that already you become too overwhelmed, more rather, if you simply allow the best content to be shared with a select few, it is then that things become interesting if you share new things with different people so that everyone gets a unique slice of the pie they can more or less always find available so long as it is still there when they click on it. That is what makes people come back, especially if you as a network creator can simply sit back and watch your network grow while you and your admins take care of other affairs.

  • your so right i was on 1 ning site they sent out 2 or 3 or 5 broadcast messages...a day!  stuff like im reading a book and its raining

    mmm muffins

    the final straw was when nassa was going to impact  a crater with a chunk of metal to look for signs of water vapor in the dustcloud he sent out a broadcast message

    they are bombing the moon thats it i declare war on the us government

    i sent him a message you realize u just declared war on the government and sent that out to 10 thousand people you dont know? how long before the feds arrest ya  shal we take bets?

    the site had twice as many members as mine..but zero activity..none  never more then 1 person in chat if that no forum oposts no nothing

    ok a fww comments on profiles that was it nothing more

    i think the last boadcast message i sent out was 4 months ago

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