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3rd party integration

Hi there!

At the moment we are considering adding new services to 3-rd party integration. But as you are the one who would be using them instead of just adding the most popular ones we would like to kindly ask you to share your thought regarding which services should be added and which of them would be most useful for you in the first place.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Ning Team.

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  • Hi Kyryl!

    Thank-you for reaching out for feedback. Here are some ideas that would be nice for 3rd party integration:

      Integration would allow our members to post updates to our site as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Google+,Pinterest,and Instagram
      Integrating their design tools could permit our users to edit their graphics when creating status posts or uploading photos.
    • Skype Integration
      Would allow our users to have video messaging in the chat and 1|1 conversations

    Thanks again!


  • NC for Hire


    Google Hangouts

    Ability to show maps where locations are mentioned..

  • WordPress Blog posts should be number one Sending Blogs and Receiving Blogs.

    My other suggestion is Mail chimp, but Im waiting to see what is the update to Broadcast messages.

    • Mailchimp +1
  • Hi there!

    Thanks to you all, Jords⚡JFarrow⌁  and Alliance for sharing the names of the services you wish to see as the ones that could be integrated.

    Actually, I thought there will be fewer replies as I haven't posted the discussion in announcement area, as it's not an announcement after all.

    So thank you all for finding it and spending some time to post the reply here!

    To the people who wish to share the services and haven't done it yet. Please don't hesitate to mention the services even if they have been already posted by the other creators.


    Ning Team.

  • Gamification!

    There are some gamification platforms in the link below:

    2017's Best Gamification Platforms | TechnologyAdvice…
  • Hola Kyryl ... Twitter es el sitio que más utiliza ...


    • HI Manuel,

      Sorry for delayed reply. You have mentioned the integration with twitter, but right now you can activate the twitter share button from the dashboard just in one click on the social sharing tab. Could you please specify what sort of the integration are you talking about?

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Hello Kyryl ... the share button with Twitter is working ... integration with Twitter something asin with Facebook ... greetings ... thanks ...


        • Hi there,

          At this moment we have twitter share, a tool that would grad posts from the twitter and put them in your activity feed and twitter sign in/ sign up.

          Could you please describe what sort of the integration do you need and I'll pass your suggestion to add such functionality to the management.

          Looking forward to hearing from you :-)

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

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