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  • Mine is showing in Firefox.  Clear your browsers cache and see if that helps.  Otherwise you'll need to file a ticket.  Just yesterday someone's 'search' broke so it could be Ning. Anything is possible.   Good luck!

    • No worries cheers Kos - just really strange that it's the only one missing from the left navi

      I've filed a ticket as well - ta 

      • HI Mike

        You are missing more than just the custom code option, your list should look like this

        Have you added any code recently ? I will have a look thorugh your code to see if I can see something.

        Your custom code is still there it's just the links that are supposed to be in the list are not showing in the list at all. You can get to your custom code by using the url to the custom code section.

        Will let you know if I can see something un-toward in your code.

        John :-)

        • hmm had a look through and can't see anything that would cause those links to be removed, if it was some css to hide them it would show in the inspect code and to remove the links would require some custom code to remove them and can't see any custom code that would do that. Also the site&pages area does not allow code to be run against it anyway.

          Here is an image showing your list and as you can see all the other links are not even present in the list so something somewhere has removed them so it will be a thing Ning will have to look into. I doubt you will get much joy this side of the weekend but at least you can still access those missing items using the url for them as they all still exist, just not in the list.

          Sorry could not help any further, will have another look later as not long in from work and took a look straight away so will look again with some fresh eyes later.

          John :-)

  • Hello, Mike!

    It seems that you are the admin of the network, and that is why you cannot see some options which are visible for NCs. However, I'm not sure whether there were any changes made to this recently, so I have contacted the developer regarding this question. When he would have some time to reply to me I would send you all information that would be provided to me regarding this case.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • Hi Kyryl,

      Why would a NC see different things than an admin?

      Something has changed as I could see everything in John's image until recently and we haven't added anything that would change this.

      I've raised a ticket but as yet haven't even received confirmation you've received it as your online ticketing service never seems to work for me. 

      I will raise another ticket today 


      • I have to agree with Mike here, as I was made an admin to help Mike out I was able to see ALL the options so something has been changed somewhere, also If I can reach the custom code and the other options by using the url it has nothing to do with the admin side of things else I would not be able to see those options by using that method, so again something else has changed.

        Mike I will test out on my site by making one of my test accounts and admin to see if I get the same issue come up. WIll report back a bit later on that.

        John :-)

        • Ok just did the test and it is the same for me, as far as I can recall I was always able to set an admin and still see the other options. Now here is the thing, if this is correct in that admins are not able to be able to see the other options like the custom code option then there is a major issue here. Yes I can understand the reason not to allow just admins to alter any custom code and only allow the NC to do it and if this is the case then the major issue to be rectified is to not allow them to access the options via entering the url for that option, also this could be a major issue for security purposes of hacking.

          For instance here is an image showing my test admin and notice the options for the custom code are not shown but by adding the url for that option into the browser I can get to the custom code. THIS SHOULD NOT be allowed to happen if only NC's are supposed to be able to see this option.

          • That's going to be a huge problem going forward b/c many websites hire an admin to take care of the site for them..........which includes adding codes when required throughout the year.

            Ning you need to alter this...............and fast.

            • I've just logged in as the NC as it's our MD who set the network up 4 years ago. He has nothing to do with the day to day running of the site and as an admin I've always had everything I need to run the site. However I've no code expertise so I've used Sweet Potato in the past and more recently John has supported with some changes.

              If admins can't see custom code how the heck are we meant to employ designers and coders to develop our sites?

              And yes if these features are still accessible via URL - I imagine the URL will be the same network/main/admin/tracking for any networks

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