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Froont Update

No, that's not a typo. Here is an update from Froont, another tool for responsive web design. I believe JFarrow listed this one before and has also since that, started a discussion with other tools as well. Well today I got an email from Froont about updates-feedback-yada-yada ....

So here's a link to their blurb-take a look. It looks like a good tool to add and use.

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  • Bummer.  I was curious however this alone is a deal breaker for me.  Very few of my members use Chrome.  If IE, Safari (Mac) and FF are not supported, that's an issue. It's still in it's infancy?  Granted I could use Chrome but I have an admin on a Mac.


    • Hi Kos,

      I'm not absolutely sure but I think it only limits you to Chrome for access to the app. Anything you develop would be able to be used/seen/accessed by other browsers once it was uploaded to a website. It would be using current standards and should be OK. I will contact them, but here a screen shot that mentioned exporting work to zip file.



      • Kos,

        Sent this email to Froont and received a reply just now.

        SEP 18, 2013  |  05:14PM EEST 
        Original message
        James wrote:

        I’d like to ask a question. Now access to the Froont application is limited to Chrome, however the output files are usable by any browser when uploaded/applied to a website, correct? This question was posed to me by a friend. I said I was “nearly” certain that it would be usable on the open web by any browser but I assured her I would check with you. 

        Thanks in advance for your reply.



        SEP 18, 2013  |  12:07AM EEST 
        Sandijs Ruluks replied:

        Hi, James!

        Yes, you're right! Thanks for checking!

  • I remember when JFarrow posted the discussion about Froont before, but I'm curious as to how this could benefit our Ning sites.

    • Hey Patrick,

      To get the most important reply out of the way: Congratulations on your engagement. Here's wishing both of you a long, romantic, fulfilling , happy and prosperous marriage!

      Now to Froont.

      1.  Like many of the tools that JFarrow and others have listed recently, Froont may not relate directly to Ning but I believe it could be used to design and code an HTML page that could be used on our Ning sites. Many Ning creators may also have other interests, other sites not on the Ning platform and it could come in handy in those situations.

      2.   It is quite interesting to see how a "responsive site needs to be set-up/designed and this app allows the opportunity for Ning Creators to do that; to experiment, maybe fostering ideas that can be transferred somehow to our Ning sites. 

      3.   It's fun to play with.


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