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You can help monetize your site by adding a Sponsor Rotator that will display logos/ links or text. Selling logo space or asking for donations to be added to the rotator can bring in some cash and be less annoying than having a lot of ads.


Copy the code from the following links. There are 2 versions. Only use one of them.

FT Sponsor Rotator CSS

FT Sponsor Rotator HTML

FT Sponsor Rotator CSS (Smaller Version)

FT Sponsor Rotator HTML (Smaller Version)

Here's the basics:

  • This tip only uses CSS.
  • 2.0 or 3.0 / responsive.
  • Replace individual image links with your member logo link you upload in file manager.
  • The default image link URL needs to be changed to your advertising page with Paypal buttons.
  • Member logos added / changed should be linked to their profile or website.
  • Could be used to display / link various parts of your network.
  • Logos pause and scale up on hover / alternate directions.
  • You can adjust the speed to your liking.
  • Images should be uploaded that have a height of 90px / 60px for smaller version.
  • Add a logo or 2 for free so members will want to sponsor (like adding a couple of dollars to the tip jar so others feel like they should do the same).
  • Add the code from the attached FT Sponsor Rotator CSS.txt to your Advanced CSS.
  • Add the code from the attached FT Sponsor Rotator HTML.txt to an HTML box on your site (you can do this in multiple places if you want).


I haven't shared anything in a while due to the negativity around here, but Jens discussion to start things over has me more willing to be part of the solution. She has helped me countless times over the years at Jensocial and here, so in appreciation, I'll throw a little out there for everyone.

This is simple, but someday I may share more tricks that you can do along these lines. I'll give you a hint: You can Iframe or embed pretty much anything you want and animate it.....:)


Enjoy :)


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  • NC for Hire

    great solution FT.. thanks for sharing... i'm gonna check it out now..

    • Thanks brother. I have been on a pure CSS kick lately. I need to make some breakdown instructions for everyone when I get a minute, but I'm sure you'll see it quickly. 

      My goal was to make it as light as possible while keeping it flexible for embeds & Iframes. This version is handy because you can keep the simple base CSS, but can change the content in the different places without weighing down the entire network.

      You can have an individual rotator for each group, so the sponsors are better targeted and obviously give you a lot more spaces for sale. That was my original design intent anyway.

      You'll obviously want to change the pic, reduce the image size and div height to be more professional for LSU. I made the example for a new network I opened for fun. 

      You always come up with some pretty slick stuff. Let me know what your spin on it is and I'll share what I've done when I finish some things up.

      • Nice work FT :) a pure CSS Kick sounds healthy :)

        • Thanks Dave. CSS keeps getting better & better. Give it a couple years and we will be able to do a lot!

  • Here's a smaller version if anyone needs it...

  • Very, very nice FT.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    • Thanks Kos! I'm glad you like it :)

  • NC for Hire

    Nice work Fire-Tech! Thanks for the kind mention. =)

    • Np. You know where you stand in my book :)

  • Awesome Fire-tech. This is exactly what i have been looking for. I love the idea of the Tip Jar. Our members are on a low or fixed income. Giving what they can when they can would make them feel more at ease. :)

This reply was deleted.



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