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NC for Hire

Once upon a time I showed you how to implement members only downloads of attachments to posts on your Ning Network.  And today I noticed that the areas under posts for attachments might now be as attractive as they should be. In fact, maybe the default word attachments isn't quite what it should be- ie it should be Downloads. So i figured out a hack/language editor tweak that fixes the attachments area inside forums and blogs for both the member facing DOWNLOADS and inside the post editor.

Search for and Replace 'Attachments:' in the Language Editor with the following:

<p><img style="width: 200px; height: 50px;" title="Downloads from this post" src="" alt="Download Survey Documents" /></p>

Proof of Concept:

Search for and Replace 'Attach Files:' in the Language Editor with the following:

<p><img style="width: 200px; height: 50px;" title="Attach Files to this Post" src="" alt="Attach Files to this Post" /></p>


Proof of Concept:



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If you are interested in discussing my experiments with Ning or are in need of some help with your own network, connect with me from my profile on creators and don't be shy.

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  • That's good idea and usability TIP, JFarrow :D

    good job!!

  • Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. We have comet chat enabled for which allows instant file transfers to be sent and received privately however a main downloads section more native to Ning is fantastic.

  • This is FANTASTIC TIP. Thank you JFarrow. for sharing it.. I add this to my site. i cant see the effect :(

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Jajajaj you Funny Riccardo. That's true.
    • NC for Hire

      thanks Riccardo.  Very true...building a ning network is not like building a website.  it is constantly in a state of flux.  i find that i stay enthusiastic about building mine when sharing what i know and helping others with theirs..

  • NC for Hire
    Lovely tip JFarrow
  • NC for Hire

    You've got skills, Mr Farrow.

    Another reason why the language editor is one of the most powerful tools ever.

This reply was deleted.

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