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Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Dear Network Creators,
Since we want every network to be protected from possible DDoS threats, we recommend setting your CNAME record as specified in the administrative panel of your NING network.
To see the recommended settings, please go to Soci…
Jul 24
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Do you want to see who of your network members are currently online and who are not? It is now possible with a newly implemented online status indicator!
When enabled, the green dot will appear next to the member name on the profile page.

The gre…
Jul 22
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
You're gonna say "Duh....why didn't I think of that?"The truth is... the Photos feature in Ning is by far one of the most powerful tools in your community arsenal and I'm going to tell you why: The description area is an amazing opportunity to get c…
Jul 15
Suzie Nielsen posted a discussion
Hi There,Ok I am at that point again- either make my site great or give it up! I have 10 yrs of my life into this site and  Ning...Please don't judge me or my site by politics but from a fellow creator instead...I need you to convince me that going…
Jul 8
Scott Bishop posted a discussion
Ning has been promising to realise a way to embed our photo slideshows once again but it is yet to happen. Is this something that's still in the pipeline for our N2 slideshows or not? If not how about allowing the "/photo/photo/slideshow" page to at…
Jul 6
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Dear network creators,
You may have noticed occasional maintenance notification issues over the last couple of weeks. If this is the case, we do apologize for the inconvenience.
We’ve been working on the storage performance improvement and optimiz…
Jun 24
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Dear Network Creators, Social interaction and sharing have always been at the core of NING’s product. That is why we have implemented a new design for social sharing/liking and added brand-new sharing functionality that will help you promote your c…
Jun 17
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Since NING users are scattered across the entire globe, we’ve added an option of switching between the 12-hour and 24-hour time formats. So, if your network is intended for users coming from the regions where the 24h format is more appropriate (for…
May 29
Bernard Lama posted a discussion
Hey everyone!How are you doing?If you don't know I'm Bernard Lama from Darjeeling, India. I was an active member here and we used to share tips and tricks here very actively.Almost 6 yrs back I was a active member here but due to some circumtances I…
May 26
Traddie posted a discussion
I am back looking at creators after over a year and a half. Can someone ( maybe even from ning) summarise where we are at in its development? Is Ning 3.0 continuing to be developed? What is Ning 4.0. Are there "EVENTS" on Ning 3.0Has development sta…
May 24
Traddie posted a discussion
Hi AllI am struggling to find well designed networks on Ning 3.0 to help me with my decision to upgrade from 2.0I would love if members would show their networks
May 23
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
I love the language editor on Ning.  It is one of my favorite things about the platform.Say you're having an international virtual event for your community members...and you wanna change this..To this:Just go to the language editor and search for or…
May 18
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
It would be nice to have some sort of message to be sent when a group member is promoted to admin of a groupsort of like when someone's content is featured... a customizable message autosent...can we put this on a roadmap wish list?Thank you..
May 17
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
This is a really simple tip for those who want to save some space space and have certain things reveal when you hover over things. Like So:It's simple.      Here is the HTML for a block in your page:<div id="some-div"> <p> Lorem Ipsum is simply dumm…
May 1
Suzie Nielsen posted a discussion
Hi there, Apparently a member of my site used a business address for his membership- apparently, the business no longer wants me to mail to this address...Well, number one I do not think I have control over any of this- I can't change the member's e…
Apr 16
Scott Bishop posted a discussion
There's a new video player out there for $69 called Swarmify. It boast that is has:unbranded video hosting for your websiteunlimited video bandwidth, encoding, and storageblazing-fast playbackno addswill convert Youtube and Vimeo videoslifetime at $…
Apr 10
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Based on your feedback, we’ve changed the way how newly added content items display in the activity feed. This applies primarily to blog posts, forum discussions, articles, events, polls, and videos.
 So what’s changed?
When the user post…
Apr 9
Ning Support posted a discussion
Some of you were concerned about the suspension of the Instagram integration feature, so we have prepared a workaround that will help you embed the Instagram feed into your network. This can be done via a 3rd party tool.
In this example, we will be…
Mar 23
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
I was finding the placement of the About/Join box inside groups to be difficult for members to find if they were new to the community.   So I decided to move mine above the banner box with a single line of code added to the Custom Code Bottom sectio…
Mar 16
Ning Support posted a discussion
The long-awaited star rating functionality has been released today. From now on, users can rate content posted on NING networks with up to five stars!
You can enable the feature in the Site & Pages section of your admin panel or in the Manage Page…
Mar 16

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