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Scott Bishop posted a discussion
In this example I will be using "community" as the subdomain. This will also carry over all your SEO and continue useing second-level domain and subdirectory of your url string after the .com/.This tip is great for when you already have onther websi…
14 hours ago
Scott Bishop posted a discussion
Does anyone know the best way to redirect our mysite.ning to a subdomain (community.). I already have a domain/website called I need to point so that it points to Currently I have…
Scott Bishop posted a discussion
Does anyone know how to change the font for the navbar to a font that is not listed for Ning 2.0? I would like to have Amaranth font for my Nav selectlon. I would like to use it site wide as well if that can be done. 
Nov 14
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
Inside Ning 3 communities, your main community forum is pretty much upfront and center and will be immediately noticable by users.  However, forums inside groups can get buried and sometimes forum posts can go unnoticed.   In this short tutorial, I…
Nov 7
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Hello friends!
During one of our previous webinars, we discussed SEO and its essential techniques. This time around, we want to focus on link building as one of the most effective ways of website promotion. 
Join us live on our YouTube channel on…
Oct 25
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
Last Week I showed you thisAnother Time Saver: Use Advanced Search for Creating Location ButtonsBut now I have a bit of code to share with you for finding members in your community by US StateJust download the following text file > Open it in your t…
Oct 19
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
I've shared a lot of time savers in the past and I see quite a few other NCs using them but never say anything.  If you use this let me know.    It can really enhance your Advanced Search feature.You may remember this  Time Saver Update: Your RSS Fe…
Oct 16
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Zapier is a web-based service that provides workflows to automate the integration of web applications. It is often described as a translator between web APIs.
A user-friendly interface allows you to connect different platform accounts to perform the…
Oct 11
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted discussions
Oct 7
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
If you are on Ning 2.0, you may remember I posted this waaaay back.Time Saver: Your RSS Feeds for Location Tags on NingThis is an update for those who are on Ning 3.0I hope to save you all some time with this tip.  Below you will find 4 text files,…
Oct 1
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
A private unique domain name is a powerful tool for promoting your website.
NING enables its users to add and manage such domain names.
If you do not have your domain name yet, you can purchase it directly in the Social Site Manager tab of your user…
Sep 27
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
NING is not just a great tool for creating online communities. It is also a very versatile software platform you can use to develop your own applications. Yes, we are that flexible!
This is made possible thanks to NING API (our own application progr…
Sep 24
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Expand your reach with a new Facebook Share button
When promoting a website, you need to leverage every communication channel at your disposal. No doubt, social media is one of the most powerful channels. We used to rely on social media to keep in…
Aug 28
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
 Search Engine Optimization is vital as long as you want your website to be easily found on the web. It’s no secret that most user experiences nowadays start with a search engine. Need a product, service, or information? Google it! That’s how most p…
Aug 27
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Hello everyone!
Are you ready to level up your marketing skills? Join our new webinar on August 22nd at 2 p.m. (ET) on our YouTube channel.
We will cover a few useful topics that can help you stand out among your competitors.
Target market resea…
Aug 16
Paul Corona posted a discussion
Ok- I'm a diehard desktop user but once in awhile I'll check our site on my phone.....Since most people are now on mobile devices, how do I make it defualt to open our site ( to the desktop view when on a mobile device for all members?  
Aug 16
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted discussions
Aug 14
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
Just ran across this new addition to the dashboard.... Unique Page Descriptions! This is incredibly valuable and as anyone who cares about their Search Engine Optimization will tell you it is much needed.   I didn't see any sort of announcement for…
Aug 13
Badan Barman posted a discussion
I have a Ning Ning 2.0 Plus plan at fees is paid upto: Sep 5, 2018 - Sep 5, 2019.I am interested to sell the network as soon as possible.Those who are interested are free to quote their offer price.
Aug 9
Anastasia_Ning_Support posted discussions
Aug 8

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