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Perhaps you're not sure how to or are having a hard time landing sponsors for your Ning Network. If you can't afford an agency or are not a marketing company with rate cards, site metrics, and a large enough audience to justify a monthly fee for sponsors, making money by obtaining and placing the right ads on your websites is not a secret.
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Building Strong Ties

World AIDS day is observed every year on December 1st to raise awareness and cultivate a strong community of support. Network Creator Robert Breining has taken these values online with his network, POZIAM. Robert is dedicated to developing a welcoming and supportive community, and it really shows. Since creating his network, Robert has established techniques for building strong ties within POZIAM. Thank you Robert for sharing!
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Meet Greg from Ski Dazzle

Let the Network Creator interviews begin! Each week, we would love to spotlight a new Network Creator to find out how they have built their network in a unique way. The interviews should be yet another way to share tips and best practices.I recently had the opportunity to interview Greg Hendrickson, the Network Creator of the Ski Dazzle networks.
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NC for Hire

I have to say, I couldn't be happier with the interaction Team Ning has given, on the new Creators Network! It's been a while since I felt so connected with Ning and fellow Network Creators - - and most of all, "heard".I hope fellow NCs feel the same. I see Team Ning jumping in, continuously, to address our concerns, answer our questions, and ask our thoughts and opinions. Even Gina has offered a helping hand.Thanks Team Ning!I think the new Creators Network is fantastic. And, I want to thank you for creating this network.Best Regards,Jen

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Making the Ning Blog awesome

If you read the Ning Blog regularly, you'll know my name — I write a lot of the posts, along with Nick (he does most of the product updates). We're constantly working on making the Ning Blog full of interesting, fun and relevant content, but I know we can always do more. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on what types of blog posts you like seeing... highlights of awesome Ning Networks (besides your own)? Tips and advice, like how to create a custom gift? Interviews with other Ning Network Creators? If there are things you'd like to see more of, please let me know!
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As part of a recent update, I noticed Ning implemented a very nice feature: the ability for admins to reset a member's profile photo.Come to think of it: how many times have you seen a member join and slap a profile photo in violation of the guidelines for your network. Until this update, you were only able to "deal" with this by messaging the member and/or banning him/her.
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